Sheffield Crown Court: Biggest cases from the week including bat-wielding robber jailed

Here are some of the biggest cases that have concluded at Sheffield Crown Court over the last week.

Monday, 20th June 2022, 12:24 pm

The offenders brought to justice include a knife-wielding thug who stabbed a man at Meadowhall and an armed shoplifter who attempted to rob a mum and her baby.

Olaf Nazim: Knife-wielding thug stabbed man at Meadowhall shopping centre

Sheffield Crown Court heard on June 16 how Olaf Nazim, aged 45, of Harrowden Road, in Tinsley, Sheffield, jumped on his victim’s car before slashing him across his face with a knife and he later stabbed him in the leg at the Meadowhall food court on the same day.

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Top row, left to right: Olaf Nazim; Rifiqat Khan Bottom row, left to right:  Arkadiss Stepans; Dominic Hurst

Prosecuting barrister Andrew Stranex said the complainant was with another man when he first saw the defendant jumping on the bonnet of his car near his home and after he recognised him as a friend of his father’s he asked him to stop but the defendant - armed with a hammer and a knife – threatened to kill him.

Mr Stranex added: “The defendant swung the knife towards the complainant in an attempt to injure him and made contact with his face causing a cut along his jaw line.

Nazim fled from the scene, according to Mr Stranex, after the complainant went to his car to get a wrench to get the defendant away from his vehicle.

However, Mr Stranex said Nazim later confronted the complainant and his acquaintance at the Meadowhall food court during the same day and he stabbed the complainant in his right leg.

Sheffield Crown Court heard on June 16 how Olaf Nazim, aged 45, of Harrowden Road, in Tinsley, Sheffield, jumped on his victim’s car before slashing him across his face with a knife and he later stabbed him in the leg at the Meadowhall food court on the same day.

Nazim, who has no previous convictions in the UK, pleaded guilty to attempting to cause grievous bodily harm, causing wounding, causing damage, and to two counts of possessing an offensive weapon after the incident on September 24, 2021.

Richard Adams, defending, said: “This behaviour in September, last year, is wholly out of character. That irrational behavour, the defendant suggests, is from a feeling of injustice.”

The judge, Recorder Anthony Kelbrick, sentenced Nazim to an extended sentence of 10 years of custody, and the defendant must serve eight years in prison before he can be considered for release on licence for two years.

Rifiqat Khan: Bat-wielding Sheffield robber is jailed after he targeted a woman selling her iPhone

Pictured is Rifiqat Khan, aged 37, of Abbeyfield Road, at Pitsmoor, Sheffield, who was sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court to three years of custody after he pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods, conspiring to commit robbery, and robbery.

Neil Coxon, prosecuting, said the woman had arranged to sell her phone via Gumtree and had agreed to meet in Ecclesall but as the phone was handed to the co-accused he fled and was chased by the complainant’s boyfriend and Rifiqat Khan stepped out from behind a car with a baseball bat.

Mr Coxon added Rifiqat Khan passed the bat to the co-accused but after it was passed back to him he struck the woman’s boyfriend to his head with the bat.

The woman’s boyfriend threw Rifiqat Khan into some bins, according to Mr Coxon, and members of the public helped detain this defendant and the co-accused was also detained after he struck the woman’s boyfriend with the iPhone box.

Pictured is Arkadiss Stepans, aged 27, of George Street, Barnsley, who was sentenced to 45 months of custody after he pleaded guilty to attempted robbery, common assault, making threats to kill, possessing a knife in public, two thefts and one attempted theft.

Khan, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to the robbery from September 13, 2020.

He also admitted handling stolen goods concerning another stolen mobile phone and he admitted conspiring to commit robbery from between August 20 and August 25, 2020.

Defence barrister Saleema Mahmood, representing Rifiqat Khan, said her client’s co-accused was the more sophisticated offender.

She added: “Despite his age, he is the more sophisticated offender given the nature of the messages and the contact he was having with potential victims.”

Recorder Matthew Happold sentenced Rifiqat Khan to three years of custody.

Arkadiss Stepans: Armed South Yorkshire shoplifter with a knife attempted to rob a mum and her baby

Pictured is Dominic Hurst, aged 33, of Whitwell Crescent, at Stocksbridge, Sheffield, who was sentenced to 12 months of custody after he pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order concerning his auntie and grandparents.

Mehran Nassiri, prosecuting, said: “She was putting her young child into her car. She avoided conversation with the defendant by pretending to make a phone call but the defendant became aggressive and demanded she give him her phone.

"She refused and the defendant made a grabbing motion towards the phone and then a jabbing motion while he had a knife in his hand.

"When she told him she had a baby in the car the defendant appeared to come to his senses, apologised and walked away.”

Latvian national Stepans had also committed a series of offences during the same day prior to the attempted robbery on March 2, according to Mr Nassiri.

The defendant, who has previous convictions including shop thefts, pleaded guilty to attempted robbery, possessing a bladed article in public, making a threat to kill, common assault, two thefts and an attempted theft.

Defence barrister Christopher Brewin said: “He desperately wants to get his life back on track and wants to apologise for his wrong-doing.”

Recorder Meghan Rhys sentenced Stepans to 45 months of custody.

Dominic Hurst: "Drug-fuelled'" Sheffield pest who harassed relatives threatened to have house "fire-bombed"

Sheffield Crown Court heard on June 8 how Dominic Hurst, aged 33, of Whitehall Crescent, at Stocksbridge, Sheffield, was originally convicted of causing damage and threatening to cause damage concerning his relatives, as well as burgling a pharmacy.

Mr Hewitt said: “The messages included references to carrying a gun or a knife and the defendant threatening to take an overdose and a text saying he had just smashed his house up.

"He also said if you ring the police I will have you shot or the house fire-bombed and the lads are ready.”

Hurst pleaded guilty in February to breaching his restraining order and was remanded into custody.

Zaiban Alam, defending, said Hurst has struggled with alcohol, drug and mental health issues and he has not had the benefit of any support since he has been a young adult.

Judge Graham Reeds QC sentenced Hurst to 12 months of custody subject to the three-and-half months he has already spent remanded in prison.