Sheffield bus attacks prompt police crackdown on anti-social behaviour

Police officers are set to patrol bus routes in Sheffield after a string of anti-social behaviour incidents led to vital services being suspended.

Monday, 7th December 2020, 3:47 pm

Over the last few weeks, buses in Ferham and Arbourthorne have had bricks, rocks and metal thrown at them by groups of teenagers.

This led to a number of suspensions and diversions on the affected routes, leaving residents without easy access to public transport.

South Yorkshire Police has now confirmed that officers will patrol the bus routes in order to enable them to continue running.

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Councillors Miskell, Scott & Wilson unfolded a banner at one of the impacted bus stops saying ‘Arbourthorne Needs Buses’ in a bid to draw attention to the plight of local residents in the hilly area of the city

Sergeant Karen Holmes said: “I don’t need to spell out how dangerous this is, it won’t be tolerated, and our officers will now be taking enforcement action.

“On one occasion, an industrial magnet was thrown through a bus window. Thankfully no-one was hurt, but it could have caused some serious injuries.

“Over the coming week we will be carrying out various operations to identify those responsible. I want bus users to know that we are taking action.

“We have various plans in place, including new patrols along key routes.”

Neighbourhood police teams are working on measures to prevent incidents happening, including working with construction companies to encourage them to secure building materials being used as missiles.

Sergeant Tom Hollands from the Sheffield South East Neighbourhood Team who cover Arbourthorne said: “For people who don’t use public transport this might not sound like a priority, but it really is a vital service within our community.

“We know that anti-social behaviour more generally is a concern for people, and this type of activity easily spills over. We’re working hard alongside the bus companies and local authority to tackle this."

This comes after the susension of bus routes led to a campaign from Arbourthorne residents to encourage police action.

Local Arbourthorne resident Stacey Mitchell said: “A lot of elderly residents rely on these services as a lifeline to independence. That fact that the 41 route had already been reduced to 1 an hour before this is disgusting."

Arbourthorne councillor Ben Miskell added: "This is causing a problem for people trying to get to work and also people who are trying to visit relatives across the city. I’ll be working over the next few hours and days with the police to make sure that we get our bus services back.”