Police issue drink spiking warning as incidents in Sheffield's pubs and clubs are reviewed

Advice on how to avoid drink spiking in Sheffield has been given as police officers are reviewing incidents reported over the last six months.

Wednesday, 25th August 2021, 8:41 am

Reviews of cases were ordered following a recent rise in reported incidents in the city.

Chief Inspector Stuart Walne, of South Yorkshire Police, said the force is to ‘revisit’ each case, looking at the offence ‘in detail’ to help ‘build a picture’ of those responsible for the reported incident.

In statement, he added: “I absolutely understand that reports of drink-spiking at venues in Sheffield are concerning to people and I want to reassure you that enquiries are ongoing where incidents have been reported to us.

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A warning has been issued about drink spiking

“We have very strong relationships with local venues and businesses within our night-time economy and our licensing teams are in constant contact with management and staff. Venues have been made aware of recent concerns through our established networks and partnership meetings to ensure any incidents are reported quickly to police.

“It’s vital that people report any incidents to us as soon as they can, this means we can build up a picture of where this might be happening and work to identify the offenders.”

The force has now issued advice on how to avoid drink spiking.

It said: “Spiking is when someone adds drugs or alcohol to another person’s drink without them knowing. It is illegal.

“Whether it’s done as a ‘prank’ or with intent to steal from, assault or harm the victim, there is some simple advice you can follow to stop it happening to you or your friends.

“Never lose sight of your drink. It can take just minutes to feel the effects of a spiked drink. The best way to protect yourself is keep an eye on your drink, from the moment you order it.

“Don’t take a drink that you haven’t seen being prepared, don’t leave your drink unattended. If you nip to the toilet, make sure a friend is keeping an eye on it.

“If it doesn’t taste right, don’t finish it.

“Be vigilant if you’re drinking with strangers. It’s great to meet new people, but keep your wits about you and be cautious if strangers offer you a drink.

“Keep an eye on your friends, make sure you know where everyone is. Report concerns as soon as possible.

“Feeling unwell? Seek medical advice and stay with someone you know. It might be tempting to get outside and away from a crowd but stay in a safe place.

“If you suspect your drink, or your friends, has been spiked then tell the bar, club, or venue as quickly as possible.

“If you’ve been spiked, report it to police as soon as you can. The more information we have, big or small, provides us with a better chance of identifying linked incidents or those responsible.

We work closely with venues right across South Yorkshire to ensure they are aware of any incidents that are reported to us.”

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.

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