Sheffield woman given CPR and rushed to hospital after her drink was spiked at music festival

A woman was left needing medical treatment after her drink was spiked during a music festival in Sheffield over the weekend.

By Rahmah Ghazali
Tuesday, 17th August 2021, 8:05 pm

The 20-year-old, who requested to remain anonymous, said the incident happened on the last day of Bassfest at Don Valley Bowl, as she was putting down her drink on a bench "for a few seconds”.

She said although she had little recollection of the night, she remembered putting down her drink but realised she got really drunk soon after drinking it.

She said: "The night was just blurry...I went and sat down on the bench, where the VIP section was and I put my drink down for two seconds.

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A woman was left needing medical treatment after her drink was spiked during a music festival in Sheffield over the weekend.

"And seconds after that, I started to feel something strange and started to feel really, really drunk.

"Then my friends got me a taxi home and I just fell on the floor at the stairs struggling to remember what happened. I think my eyes were rolling to the back of my head."

She said she was told her boyfriend had to perform CPR at one point before she was taken to the emergency for further medical treatment.

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"At the hospital, the police came and spoke to me and asked if there were CCTVs, but I didn't have any recollection of the people I've spoken to or seen."

She said what she could do now is to at least raise awareness on drink spiking, which she said, could happen to anybody.

She added: "We should be given the option to bring our own cup that only you can use and put it around your neck like a lanyard so it's in front of you the whole time.

"Even if the drinks are on your hand, it is easy for others to spike your drinks.”

It was reported on August 3 that a Sheffield man and his partner had their drinks spiked during a night out in Sheffield city centre.

On June 18, a mum issued a warning after her daughter ended up in a hospital bed after one of her drinks was spiked on a night out in Sheffield.

South Yorkshire Police, in their latest advice, reminded the public to play their part in reporting any incidents to them as soon as possible.

Chief Inspector Stuart Walne said: “I absolutely understand that reports of drink spiking at venues in Sheffield will be concerning to people and I want to reassure you that enquiries are ongoing where incidents have been reported to us.“We have very strong relationships with local venues and businesses within our night-time economy and our licensing teams are in constant contact with management and staff.

“Venues have been made aware of recent concerns through our established networks and partnership meetings to ensure any incidents are reported quickly to police.

“It’s vital that people report any incidents to us as soon as they can, this means we can build up a picture of where this might be happening and work to identify the offenders.

“I’d also like to remind people to look after each other on nights out, it sounds simple but don’t let your drinks out of your sight and keep an eye on your group."