Neighbours threaten to ‘take to the streets’ in protest after Page Hall hits ‘rock bottom’

A Sheffield residents’ group have called on the police to send more officers to their area and have threatened to ‘take to the streets’ in protest if their demands are not met.

Sunday, 24th May 2020, 12:08 pm
Updated Monday, 25th May 2020, 12:47 pm

The Firth Park Neighborhood Network, which also covers the troubled community of Page Hall, issued the demand yesterday after several weeks when the area has rarely been out of the headlines.

Over the last eight weeks, Page Hall has seen continued disorder despite the Government imposed coronavirus ‘lockdown’, with social-distancing rules repeatedly flouted and several violent incidents.

Yesterday, the neighbourhood group said they would next week meet with senior police officers and the council in order to address the situation, and now the residents have raised the stakes even further.

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They say that while the area has long been known for troubled community relations, the covid-19 pandemic has seen it hit ‘rock bottom’.

And they added that should the neighbourhood’s schools return on June 1 as is planned, they fear children will be ‘walking into a death trap’ in which the virus has been allowed to spread unchecked.

They said: “Before we call this protest we want to ensure that both the council and police are clear as to the circumstances leading to it. I must emphasise that this has been the last resort and comes after years of working through the systems.

“Our most vulnerable members of the community including our elderly and disabled who we represent in our network have already on countless occasions raised issues with their doctors and police meetings over the last five years.

Extra police officers have been deployed to Page Hall in Sheffield

“They have faced issues which are not hidden from the authority ranging from abuse on street corners, loud music, drugs, pimping of young girls and our care homes being attacked.

“Women’s groups have also contacted us to raise their concerns that they do not feel as though they can walk or shop in their own area due to gangs of mainly Eastern Europeans stood on streets corners drinking and whistling as they pass.

“One only has to pick up the Sheffield Star to look at some of the devastating impacts these issues are having. In the Fir Vale area we have the most deaths across Yorkshire. Massive gatherings and no social distancing all the time, day or night is what locals are having to tolerate.

“Gangs and crowds of mainly Roma/Slovak residents in Page Hall are fighting and brawling on a daily basis in Page Hall. Within the last two weeks we have had over five incidents.

Police officers were called to Page Hall to deal with another disturbance, which attracted a large crowd

“This is now becoming a big insult and a kick in the face for all those that are following the Government’s advice. What is the purpose of a lockdown if it is and hasn’t been adhered to on the authorities’ watch? Our most vulnerable are now in more danger as a result of the actions of this particular group of people.”

South Yorkshire Police have been approached for comment and we will publish their response when we receive it.