Knife crime Sheffield: Automatic jail for anyone caught carrying a blade suggested

There were two stabbings in Sheffield in the space of three days – one on The Moor in the city centre and one in the suburbs.
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Not every knife attack reported to the police is made public, but The Star has featured more than 20 stabbings in the city over the last 12 months, some of which proved fatal.

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The victim and his attackers had fled the scene prior to emergency services arriving but the injured man was later identified and taken to hospital, where he still remained yesterday.

Automatic jail for anyone caught carrying a knife has been suggested as a way of tackling stabbingsAutomatic jail for anyone caught carrying a knife has been suggested as a way of tackling stabbings
Automatic jail for anyone caught carrying a knife has been suggested as a way of tackling stabbings

Two boys, aged 16 and 17, have been arrested as part of the police probe into the incident.

The Star asked readers how they would like to see knife crime tackled and there were dozens of suggestions, including automatic jail sentences for anyone caught carrying a knife.

This is what readers said:

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Lyndsey Marie: “It's not just a Sheffield problem, it's a county-wide problem and it all starts with a better justice system. Whilst our police system have their own problems, all they can do is catch the criminals then it's all down to the courts.”

Rowan Colver: “One year of weekends doing community service if caught with one.”

Janine Walker: “Reopen youth clubs.”

Chris Kelly:”Better education and more and better opportunities for the younger (generation) to do positive things instead off (being) dragged into crime.”

Debra Jackson: “Better policing for starters and definitely a better justice system because the one we have now is a complete joke and not fit for purpose. Oh and when they get locked up they need to be treated more like they’re in prison and not in a holiday camp!”

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Martyn Mitchell: “Problem we have is that there is no deterrent when they get caught. Life should mean life and being caught with a knife should be at least 10 years.”

Pat Myers: “Definitely reopen youth clubs. A lot of kids need a space to be embraced, supported, educated and shown they are wanted, loved and are able to achieve.”

Daniel Batty: “Bringing back national service for three years for anyone not willing to stay in further education or attend school would be a start. It may open their eyes but I can’t see a quick fix.”

Andy Harmston: “Five years for carrying a knife, 10 for using one. No excuses. Hit them hard.”

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Sarah Louise Adams Emmerson: “Most knife crime is drug related. However a small minority just think they are from a gangster family. Anyone carrying a knife or gun or weapon should stand a long time in prison. If the judges came down on weapon sentencing maybe people might think twice?”

Elizabeth Allen: Police back on the streets, and give them more power. Change the justice system. A life for a life.”

Sharon Fellows: “How about actually tackling the causes? Poverty, lack of hope, poor education and prospects of decent jobs with reasonable pay, more support for children and young people with youth clubs, activities etc...It's a long term fix. There are no short term fixes. Greater punishment is not the answer, never has been.”