Factory with 500 cannabis plants recovered in Sheffield property

A cannabis factory that housed more than 500 plants was recovered in a Sheffield property during a drugs raid on Saturday afternoon by the local police team.

Sunday, 6th June 2021, 7:30 am

South Yorkshire Police said its Page Hall team executed a warrant on Page Hall Road and recovered the drugs set-up.

They said: "SGT T along with PC's Daz, Liz ,Dylan and PCSO Pat executed a warrant on Page Hall Road this afternoon and recovered nearly 500 cannabis plants.

“The heat inside was searing with a thermometer showing nearly 100F. As is common with these farms the electricity had been by-passed and left in a dangerous condition. - Not good when you are part of a row of terraces.”

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The cannabis factory that was recovered in Page Hall. Picture by Sheffield North East NPT

SGT T said: "We act on local intelligence, use modern technology, and use both unorthodox and orthodox methods to detect these factories.

"If you are running a set-up in the area, the next knock you receive may be from us.”

The officers inspecting the drugs. Picture by Sheffield North East NPT