Doncaster prison officer jailed after taking photo of seriously-ill prisoner in hospital

A prison officer has been jailed after he breached a raft of work regulations including taking a photo of a seriously-ill prisoner in a hospital.

By Jon Cooper
Saturday, 28th August 2021, 6:25 am

Sheffield Crown Court heard on August 25 how Jordan Jackman, aged 24, had been a relatively new prison officer at HMP Doncaster, Marsh Gate, when he committed four offences which amounted to breaches of work regulations over two weeks, in August, 2020.

Louise Gallagher, prosecuting, said the breaches included leaving his post while guarding a prisoner, taking and sharing an image of a prisoner who was a hospital patient, accessing and obtaining a prison visitor’s details because he thought the visitor was attractive as well as taking a prohibited Apple Watch into prison.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC told Jackman: “Instead of executing your duty, you indulged in misconduct which amounts to crime because you held a public office – indeed a responsible public office.”

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Pictured is Sheffield Crown Court.

Ms Gallagher said Jackman was found with two mobile phones during a random check in August, 2020, at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, while he was guarding a prisoner who was a patient and an examination of the phones revealed he had left his post to go for a cigarette.

It was also revealed he had used a smart phone to photograph an ill prisoner undergoing end of life care, according to Ms Gallagher.

Ms Gallagher added Jackman also accessed details from the prison computer about a prison visitor whom he had found attractive and he used the system to get her name and address.

Jackman also wore a prohibited Apple Watch at work which is designed to be used with a mobile phone, according to Ms Gallagher, and he sent texts and photos of himself while on duty.

A former prison officer who was based at HMP Doncaster, at Marsh Gate, pictured, has been jailed after he breached a number of work regulations.

Judge Richardson told Jackman: “You left your post in hospital – leaving the man unattended. You went outside and smoked a cigarette.

“On the second occasion you used your mobile phone to take a photograph of the prisoner in hospital while he was seriously-ill. You sent that photograph together with completely inappropriate comments to a girlfriend.”

Jackman, who has no previous convictions and is now a supermarket warehouse worker, pleaded guilty to neglecting his duty by failing to guard a prisoner, wilful misconduct by taking and sharing unauthorised images of a prisoner, accessing prisoner and visitor details and conveying a prohibited item into prison.

Richard Adams, defending, said Jackman had only completed an eight-week training programme when he began work in March, 2020, and had to contend with chaotic working conditions as the Covid-19 crisis hit and he was forced to self-isolate.

Mr Adams put Jackman’s offending down to “inexperience” and “immaturity” and said the information he gathered was never intended to go further than it did and he had not worn his Apple Watch for “nefarious purposes”.

Judge Richardson told Jackman: “For a prison officer, young or old, experienced or inexperienced, to do as you did was a disgrace. A public disgrace.

He sentenced Jackman, of Grange Road, Tadcaster, to six months of custody and told him that he has no doubt the time he will serve behind bars will be a “comprehensive misery”.

Judge Richardson recommended Jackman be treated as a vulnerable prisoner because of his former occupation.

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