17 shocking Catcliffe photos show mud and misery left behind after Storm Babet floods

These 17 shocking photos capture life in Catcliffe today, now that some of the flood water has subsided or been pumped away.

Roads were turned into muddy lakes and water engulfed a number of homes, including bungalows where the water almost reached ceiling height.

Around 120 properties were evacuated, with residents forced to find emergency accommodation for the weekend, but some may be unable to return home for months depending on the extent of the repair work needed to be carried out.

Insurance assessors are expected in the village all week.

This morning, the streets are covered in thick mud, with residents walking around in disbelief at the damage the flood water caused in their community.

Wheelie bins which floated away in the floods are strewn across the streets along with cars which were submerged in flood water and are now destroyed.