Sheffield people tell us why they are getting into the Christmas spirit early this year

Christmas is mere weeks away and some of our readers already have their Christmas trees up and decorated.

It may only be mid November but that has not stopped these festive fanatics from already putting up their Christmas trees.

Rules around Christmas decor can be tricky and cause fights within house holds who do not agree on when is the right time to get into the festive spirit.

Some firmly believe that Christmas should be kept to the month of December, Vicky Camplin said: “December 1 should be the earliest, any earlier and get fed up of seeing it.”

Jane Shirt agreed, she said: “Mine goes up 12 days before Christmas and come down 12 days after, if not before. I can't bear to see them for any longer.”

But those who put them up early argue that they get longer to enjoy the twinkling lights and festive fun.

Our reader Kerry Anne puts her decorations up on November 1, she said: “I have seven to do and I think decor brings us cosier nights. I do it early and book activities a year ahead too (always have), that way we get to actually enjoy the festive period instead of rushing around.”

Jo Hardwick said: “Just put them up, it cheers us all up in the dark winter nights.”

Dan Fell agreed, he said: “As long as it brings happiness to them I say go for it.”

Click through this article to see photos of Christmas decorations already up here in Sheffield.

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