Sheffield retro: 21 photos of city's lost department stores, including BHS, Cockaynes, Cole Brothers

Today, Atkinsons is the sole survivor, standing defiantly at the bottom of The Moor, over 150 years after it was founded.

But Sheffield city centre was once spoilt for choice when it came to department stores. Cockaynes, Pauldens, and the Brightside and Carbrook Co-op Society store at Castle House are just some of the famous names which one graced the city.

C&A, British Home Stores and Debenhams are among the major players which have disappeared from the nation’s high streets, including Sheffield city centre, in recent years. But the biggest loss for Sheffield was probably John Lewis, which closed its Sheffield branch, at the home of the old Cole Brothers store on Barker’s Pool, in 2021 to great despair and with the loss of 299 jobs.

We’ve put together a retro photo gallery showing some of the best known department stores which have come and gone in Sheffield over the years. How many do you remember shopping at?

The majority of the photos are shared courtesy of Picture Sheffield, with others coming from The Star’s own archives.