Pictures show 10 lost activities we used to love in Sheffield’s parks, from 70s to 2010s

For generations, they were the activities that helped make summer fantastic.

But over the years which have passed since the 60s, some as recently as the last decade, they have been lost under major changes to our parks over the years.

Sheffield has some of the best parks in the UK, at sites all across the city, and some have seen more modern facilities developed in more recent times for people to do. We went out and asked people in Sheffield city centre what the things were that they missed that you can no longer do, with their suggestions including old activities from parks all across the city including Norfolk Park, Millhouses Park, Graves Park, among others.

Some of those activities that have been lost over the years have been switched to activities that some people believe to be safer alternatives. Others may have been lost due to savings over the years to the public finances.

Whatever the reason for their loss, some of the 10 activities that we have included in our list are fondly remembered by generations of Sheffielders.

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