'It is a nonsense' - Sheffield MP bemoans lack of support in PM's Covid package

Sheffield MP Clive Betts has described the Government’s announcement on the city's lockdown level as 'nonsense’ and predicted further measures will be needed to control the virus.

By Dan Hayes
Monday, 12th October 2020, 7:44 pm
Updated Monday, 12th October 2020, 7:44 pm

The Sheffield South East MP was speaking after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that Sheffield and South Yorkshire would be a tier two area, meaning the region is classed as 'high risk'.

The announcement means that mixing indoors is forbidden across the county, but Mr Betts said that without a better system of monitoring the virus, more draconian measures would soon be needed.

He said: “The really disappointing thing for me is that an effective test and trace system is absolutely essential but we haven't got one and councils in tier two are not going to get any help towards a local system.

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MP Clive Betts

“Tier three areas are going to get extra support but not tier two, but we need that support to stop us from getting to tier three.

"It is a nonsense. We will no doubt be back here in two or three weeks time.”

Mr Betts also said the lack of support for businesses in tier two was also disappointing and that a local furlough scheme and support for people self-isolating was essential.

“We all know that hospitality businesses are suffering considerably even with the current restrictions," he said.

"There was some help for tier three areas but again nothing for tier two.

"And we have also got to make sure people self-isolating are no worse off than if they had gone to work.”

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