Sheffield heatwave: Endcliffe Park Cafe hit as all schools cancel due to extreme weather warning

A Sheffield cafe boss says business has been hit by the heatwave with no demand for hot food and visits by school kids cancelled.

Monday, 18th July 2022, 4:36 pm

Ashley Charlesworth, owner of Endcliffe Park Cafe, said Nether Green school cancelled by text message on Sunday ahead of Monday’s hot weather.

And they had closed the kitchen due to the temperature for staff, a lack of demand for hot food and the park being quiet due to extreme heat warnings.

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Ashley Charlesworth, owner of Endcliffe Park Cafe, said schools had cancelled due to hot weather.

But sales of ice creams were going well and the free water they offered was popular too.

Mr Charlesworth, who has owned the cafe for 20 years, described it as the ‘ebbs and flows’ of business.

He added: “We normally have loads of kids coming at the end of school at this time of year but sadly they have all cancelled.

Endcliffe Park was quiet and the grass looked scorched.

“We had 200 due at 2pm but they cancelled today because of the heat and that’s understandable.”

The cafe was well stocked and offering refreshments, he added.

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