Sheffield bar Bamboo Door backs Tom Lord's Hospitality Gin bid to help hard-hit industry

A popular Sheffield city centre bar is backing a scheme to raise money to help the beleaguered hospitality industry through Sheffield-born Hospitality Gin.

Wednesday, 9th September 2020, 3:00 pm

Bamboo Door in Leopold Square has signed a deal with entrepreneur Tom Lord.

His spirit - which has already sold hundreds of bottles with orders coming in from the four corners of the UK - will become the house gin and form the basis of a brand-new cocktail menu.

Tom, who has had a long and successful career managing and developing bars like FirePit Rocks on West Street, decided he couldn't sit back and watch the pandemic wreck the hospitality industry.

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Tom Lord, creator of Hospitality Gin

He launched Hospitality Gin to raise awareness and give all profits to charity.

Tom said: "It's fantastic news that Bamboo Door have made us their house gin.

"They're one of the most successful bars in the city and I'm looking forward to the partnership bringing more much-needed help for the industry."

The drink can also be purchased from

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