Dan Walker shares 'sneak peek' of next Strictly Come Dancing performance after disappointing judges’ comments

Sheffield celebrity Dan Walker is working hard to prove himself after facing some disappointing comments from the Strictly judges last weekend.

Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 11:43 am

Dan and his partner Nadiya Bychkova received the second lowest score during Movie Week, after performing a Sleeping Beauty inspired foxtrot.

The pair scored 21 points following Dan’s unfortunate misstep halfway through the performance.

Although he tried his best to recover, the mistake did not go unnoticed, with the judges’ comments not as favourable as he may have hoped.

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Craig Revel Horwood was the harshest, serving up a disappointing score of 3 – which was met by a chorus of boos from the audience.

He said: “They were big mistakes, darling, they weren’t tiny ones.

“You clearly lost your confidence, which is a shame. You need to learn how to get into these situations and rebuild the mood.

“It wasn’t great. Sorry."

Strictly Come Dancing star Dan Walker has shared a snippet of this week's dance routine with partner Nadiya Bychkova from their training room at City Limits dance studio in Sheffield. Picture: BBC.

But Dan and Nadiya aren’t letting the set-back get the better of them, as they are now working harder than ever to come back fighting and prove the judges wrong.

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Strictly: Sheffield's Dan Walker brushes off second-lowest score of Movie Week

They were saved by the public during Sunday night’s vote and will be back this weekend performing a Cha Cha Cha - to MC Hammer no less - for School Disco Week.

Throughout this week they have been knuckling down at City Limits dance studio in Hillsborough to perfect the new routine in a bid to win over the judges and get back into their good books.

Dan Walker and Nadiya Bychkova received disappointing comments from the Strictly judges last weekend after performing a Foxtrot inspired by Sleeping Beauty during Movie Week. Picture: BBC.

Training in Sheffield

Dan said on Twitter that the routine had been “coming together nicely” – and while the pair are working hard, there is still plenty of time for having fun and entertaining the public in between practices.

Yesterday, Tuesday, he shared a number of videos showing himself and Nadiya laughing and joking around in the Sheffield-based rehearsal room.

In one of the videos, Dan reflects on the struggles of last week and opens up about how training is going so far.

He also shares a ‘sneak peek’ of the routine, and a snippet of the famous song they will be dancing to.

After a mock-voiceover start, Nadiya asks Dan how he is, to which he responds: “Well, I’m OK considering this is quite difficult, the Cha Cha Cha.

“We’re doing that this week. There’s a lot going on in that isn’t there, there’s everything in the body required.”

Nadiya reminds Dan that one of the most important body parts to get right during the dance is his hips, which he says he still needs to work on.

He adds: “It’s sort of coming together. I think by Saturday night we’ll be there. School disco theme, I think you’re going to enjoy it, so we’ll keep working at it.”

During the video he also shares a snippet of Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer – the song they will be dancing to this weekend – before pausing the song for Nadiya to complete the key line (amidst a fit of giggles) of “Stop… Hammer time.”

Supporting local business

The pair also enjoyed a healthy lunch from Food Fusion Nutrition on Trippet Lane – which Dan says is “one of the many reasons” they “love training in Sheffield” – and found time for even more fun.

In the second video, Nadiya can be seen behind the bar at City Limits, pretending to be a ‘Yorkshire barmaid’ while holding onto the Carling pump with a glass in her hand.

She says: “Ey up love, can I get you a pint? Do you want chips with that?” before she is unable to keep up the charade and erupts into bursts of laughter.

Dan and Nadiya will return to Strictly Come Dancing this Saturday at 7pm on BBC One for School Disco Week.