Which Netflix blockbuster is the most popular according to Spotify streams? Here’s all you need to know

Following the excitement around returning Netflix series such as Stranger Things and Bridgerton, experts were keen to uncover which popular Netflix series has the most profitable soundtrack.

Tuesday, 15th February 2022, 9:32 am

After compiling a list of popular Netflix series, Nodepositdaddy.com took to Spotify to uncover the total number of streams per soundtrack for the most popular Netflix shows. Using a streaming royalty calculator, they were able to determine which of the favorite Netflix soundtracks has the most immersive soundtracks.

To calculate the royalties, Nodepositdaddy.com used Music Gateway’s streaming royalty calculator, to uncover an estimated figure for each soundtrack. Based on Music Gateway’s estimation that each Spotify stream is worth £0.0031.

13 Reasons Why and Stranger Things

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Based on Music Gateway’s royalty calculator, Nodepositdaddy.com discovered which popular Netflix series has the most profitable soundtrack on Spotify.

The most popular Netflix soundtrack with the highest estimated earnings in streaming royalties is 13 Reasons Why, with the soundtrack ranking in first place.

The most streamed song on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack is Lovely by Billie Elish, with a massive 1,662,972,062 streams - heavily contributing to the soundtrack's 5,895,166,129 streams in total. The show have been estimated to have earned £20,279,371 from the soundtrack.

With an impressive 4,325,357,992 streams in total, the unique soundtracks from Stranger Things’ secured second place. Despite having aired only three seasons than the blockbuster Orange Is The New Black. The estimated earnings for Stranger Things was £14,569,631.

Peaky Blinders and Orange is the New Black

The winner of the most Spotify streams, 13 Reasons Why for their immersive soundtracks featuring BIllie Eilish

In third place is Peaky Blinders with a total combination of 1,757,291,126 soundtrack Spotify streams. This historical fiction series set in 1919 has become a long time favorite on Netflix.

Orange is the New Black takes fourth with estimated streaming royalties totalling £1,570,583. The show, which aired in 2013, has seen 456,564,911 streams in total for its soundtrack.

Completing the top five is The Witcher, with season two that premiered at the end of 2021. This fantasy series has a total of 127,052,485 Spotify streams for its enticing soundtrack. Despite being a relatively new Netflix series, The programme has climbed up the ladder securing its position in the top five with estimated earnings to £437,239

Though there are many other blockbuster Netfilx shows, the top 10 still remain. In sixth place is The Crown, in seventh place is Bridgerton, in eighth is Sex Education, in ninth is The Queen's Gambit and completing the rank in tenth position is Lucifer.

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