Spotify pie chart: What is it, how to see yours, and how is it different from Spotify Wrapped, Receiptify and Obscurify

The Spotify pie chart is a new music analysis tool that has taken social media by storm.

Tuesday, 7th June 2022, 12:15 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th June 2022, 12:29 pm

The tool allows you to see a breakdown of the different genres that you listen to - including labels you’ve never even heard of before such as ‘permanent wave’ and ‘mellow gold’.

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How is the Spotify pie chart different to Spotify Wrapped?

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There are lots of tools that you can use to analyse your Spotify listening habits, including the Spotify pie chart.

Unlike Spotify’s in-house annual marketing campaign ‘Spotify Wrapped’, the Spotify pie chart is created by a UCLA student.

The tool made by Darren Huang uses data from your music consumption on Spotify to make a pie chart, with different colours representative of the different genres you listen to.

It’s one of many user-created tools that allow Spotify users to analyse their music taste and dig into the many data points that Spotify collects on its users, as a way of improving their user experience and recommending music that it thinks you’ll like.

How can you see your Spotify pie chart?

The Spotify Pie Chart breaks down your Spotify data by genre.

You can check out your Spotify pie chart by visiting Huang’s website - which works on both desktop and mobile, but requires you to have a Spotify account to be able to use it.

What other Spotify analysis tools are there?

If you can’t wait for Spotify Wrapped 2022 to come out, then there are other streaming service analysis tools that can help you dig into the data behind your listening habits.

Obscurify is a tool that tells you how obscure your taste is compared to other users. You also get a breakdown of your most obscure artists and tracks, as well as your current top artists. Spotify measures happiness, energy, danceability and acoustic-ness of the songs you listen to - and Obscurify allows you to compare this to the GB average. The tool also tells you how many different decades your music taste spans.

Judge My Spotify provides a verdict on your Spotify and how 'bad' your music taste is.

If you’re of the less serious persuasion, the Judge My Spotify tool will use an AI to tell you how bad your streaming music taste is.

If you’re a fan of the Spotify Wrapped aesthetic, then Visualify is a great way to visualize your most listened to artists and tracks on Spotify ahead of the yearly marketing campaign.

Another visual one, Receiptify turns your top Spotify tracks into a receipt - so you have definitive proof that you’re your favourite artist’s number one fan.

Stats for Spotify is one for the data nerds - it allows you to see your top tracks, top artists and top genres ahead of time so that there’s no surprises when your Spotify Wrapped drops at the end of the year.

Obscurify tells you how obscure your Spotify listening habits are compared to other users, as well as providing a breakdown of other listening metrics.

When is Spotify Wrapped 2022 likely to be released?

It’s the highlight of many music fans’ calendars when the annual Spotify marketing campaign drops, complete with vibrant graphics that users can post on social media to reinforce just how cool their music taste is.

While there’s no fixed day that users can expect it, it’s usually released in early December. Last year, it was released on December 1. In 2020, the advertising campaign was released on December 2. The year before, music fans got access to their stats on December 5.

Receiptify turns your most listened to songs on Spotify into a receipt.