REVIEW: Mohand and Peter - in association with Migration Matters Festival.

There is something quite magical about how two talented actors can capture an audience's imagination with one of the toughest international news stories of the decade.

By Gita Juniku
Thursday, 20th June 2019, 3:27 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th June 2019, 4:53 pm
First public performance of Mohand and Peter. Photo Credit to Nadjet Ben maghnia

Mohand and Peter is a show about the friendship between a Geordie lad and a Sudanese refugee who can take themselves anywhere with a snap of their fingers.

Mohand Hasbo and Peter Pearson - playing themselves - immerses the audience into a world of Sudanese adventure.

They tell their story through imagination and visual poetry, jumping between different characters with Mohand playing himself and several other characters.

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Theater show - Mohand and Peter at Theatre Deli. Photo Credit to: Nadjet Ben maghnia

The show was funny, charming, clever and has childlike innocence in it that uses a lot of imagination as the basis of the play.

But it does not shy away from touching upon the important political and social issues in Sudan.

It approaches topics, such as protesting, in it’s innocent childlike way that is funny but not undermining.

They touch upon present-day issues such as the existing public protests in Sudan.

Questions after the show with the Actors of Peter Pearson and Mohand. Credit: Nadjet Ben maghnia

The audience gets to enjoy the greatness of the Sudanese culture through Mohand’s eyes and the actors did this well.

This was a magical and magnificent show, particularly considering it was a tiny team giving their first public performance of Mohand and Peter - and doing it in two languages!

It deserves more attention and bigger crowds because it tells us an important story that everyone should hear.

I will be looking forward to seeing more from Mohand and Peter.

Mohand jumping between characters in the show.

5 out of 5.