Sheffield boxing promoter Dennis Hobson in the hot seat on his recent fights

Sheffield boxing promoter Dennis Hobson has spoken out on recent fights in a Q&A for the Sheffield Telegraph.
Dennis Hobson.Dennis Hobson.
Dennis Hobson.

Rotherham heavyweight Kash Ali had the best win of his career on your May 28 show in Sheffield, beating Tomas Salek in three rounds for the IBF Heavyweight Title - how much of a statement was that? And what's next for Kash?

It was a huge statement. Salek came with a very good record, and I saw him in the gym on the morning of the fight going through his routine and he came to win. I thought it would be a longer fight and Kash might get a late stoppage but he showed his intent from the start and it was a massive statement. It's all coming together at the right time and he should be world rated now after that win.

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With the politics involved in boxing, we'll see what happens next. Kash will fight anybody but we want to get him on the world scene, and he's a European champion now. We'll maybe defend it a couple of times and look to get him in world title eliminators after that. He's also in the mix domestically where there are some quality fighters. We're on our own path though - if something comes up that suits us, we'll look at it, but we're not knocking on people's doors asking.

Sheffield's World Flyweight champion Sunny Edwards and local rival Tommy Frank met at one of your recent shows - do you envisage them fighting each other at some point?

Yes, of course. There's an inevitably about it, but I've always said let one of them win a world title first, and I'm sticking to that. Sunny and his team might want to go down a different route but if Tommy wins his IBF fight on June 18 then on a collision course for the IBF. Let's see what develops. Sunny came to our show and there was a little bit of spite between them but also lots of mutual respect. Frank [Warren] might have a bit of say about the promotion of a fight between them; Sunny's the champion and if we had to go on a BT show, we'd look at it, but we'd bid for the fight too.

You've made a statement yourself with all the weekly shows your putting on in Sheffield, and the new boxing channel you're working with - Fightzone. What's your assessment of how it's all going?

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The events we're putting on in Sheffield are absolute quality, and that's been acknowledged by everyone. The set up is first class and the feedback has been fantastic, so I'm very happy. We're bringing lots of different promoters, and fighters, together and that's something that's not happened before in British boxing. It's exciting and as exciting a project as I've been involved with.