Double sessions and pre-match workouts: Inside Darren Moore's Sheffield Wednesday preseason

Any Sheffield Wednesday players entering preseason thinking life was going to be easier without Tony Strudwick have been proven wrong.
Sheffield Wednesday have had a gruelling preseason so far.Sheffield Wednesday have had a gruelling preseason so far.
Sheffield Wednesday have had a gruelling preseason so far.

The Owls face Barnsley this weekend in what will be their fourth preseason run out in 10 days, on a run of seven preseason clashes in July alone. The Star understands that had it not been for their Carabao Cup date with Huddersfield being agreed for August 1, another friendly was possible.

It’s clear that Darren Moore wants plenty of miles in the legs of his players, most of whom have been limited to 45 minute blocks of action in their efforts against Celtic, Chester and Alfreton Town.

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Their 10-day preseason trip to Wales saw players undertake gruelling double sessions, while they have completed difficult fitness sessions in the day of matches.

Owls boss Darren Moore told The Star last week: “We’ve done morning and afternoon sessions, we’ve doubled-up on sessions and you can really work on things and look at smaller things we want to do within games.

“Once the games have started we can do the video analysis and sit one-on-one with the players, go through very small roles and responsibilities for the team.

“You’re able to look at players in certain roles and positions, to see if things can work, we need to see if certain relationships work, if these two or those two can work together and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

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“Every day matters, there’s never a day where you think ‘We can let that one drift by.’ Every day matters.”

Players have been set specific targets in terms of distances during their match run-outs, which are measured and analysed closely by staff.

Spirits in the camp have been high, though team building sessions had to be cancelled due to concerns over Covid-19.

Thankfully, the Celtic Manor Hotel players stayed at in Wales were able to show the European Championships in their own area of the facility.

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“I wanted to do another couple of team bonding sessions but because of Covid we were unable to do it,” Moore said. “I do like doing that and we got one in.

“Because the other two were outside venues we had to adhere to the rules. Still, it didn’t dampen us thanks to the football.”