Slavisa Jokanovic leaves Sheffield United: "Not surprised", "Club a mess", "Not bothered" - Fans react to manager's imminent departure

Slavisa Jokanovic’s departure from Sheffield United is expected to be confirmed later today – and Blades fans haven’t been shy of having their say on social media since the news broke this morning.

Thursday, 25th November 2021, 1:54 pm

As reported by The Star earlier, Paul Heckingbottom is set to take over on a temporary basis, although Alex Neil is known to boast admirers on the Bramall Lane board.

Here’s how a selection of Blades fans reacted to the news of Jokanovic’s imminent departure...

@petetoleary: Not surprised ... Think him calling out board regarding Jan transfers was the clue it wouldn’t be long

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@DavidMckenzie89: Thought I'd take a quick glance at social media on a break and wasn't expecting that! This club is a mess and in real danger of being in freefall.

@DemBladesDavid: I don't know about you, but I feel like there might've been a more efficient way to hire Heckingbottom as manager that didn't involve forking out millions of pounds for a new boss and then sacking him six months later.

@SamCarford: If we’re going Hecky short term don’t expect a busy January, season’s already a write off

Sheffield United are set to announce the departure of manager Slavisa Jokanovic after just six months: Isaac Parkin/PA Wire.

@DemBladesDavid: If Steve Bruce is seen anywhere near Bramall Lane today, I'm going to melt my season card with a bunsen burner

@corey_rhodes1: Easy to say that the position we are in is of no fault of Jokanovic … Same problems are still there with added problems but it was inevitable really, it was already hard for him following on from CW. It’s a shame, he clearly knows how to manage a team in the Championship

@forgedinsteel1: Thoughts about Hecky getting the job? In fairness, he did ok when he took as interim towards the end of last season

@philcookson1889: Is it wrong that I’m not that bothered he’s gone. Wrong fit for us

@MoreiraNorberto: Made very poor use of the squad we have. Best wingbacks in league for example playing at 50 percent their capabilities at full back, square pegs round holes most of time

@tomwild547: People who think this is the cheap option , sacking a manager is one of the most expensive things in football.

@1889Dylan: Announce Frank Lampard's Sheff United

@keiranbooker98: Never dull been a Blade