‘Who goes at 10am while they are still eating their bacon butties?’ What viewers said about return of Sheffield brothel TV show

It was one of the most talked about TV events of the year in Sheffield – and the first episode of A Very Yorkshire Brothel certainly didn’t disappoint viewers.

Thursday, 5th December 2019, 12:45 pm

Cameras have returned to Attercliffe’s City Sauna for another fly on the wall look at what goes on behind the doors at what is rapidly becoming Britain’s most famous brothel.

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Family-run Sheffield brothel the subject of a new ITV series starting tonight

And the new series of the ITV show, which aired for the first time last night, certainly had viewers laughing – and disgusted in equal measure.

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A Very Yorkshire Brothel is being screened on ITV.

Many took to Twitter to give their reviews of the show which focuses on the family run brothel which is run by mother and daughter team Kath, 56, and Jenni, 32.

Viewers watched in amazement as the pair were seen loading a sex robot into a car to bring to the premises for punters to use.

One viewer tweeted: “They've put a seat belt on the sex robot!” while another, in repsonse to the pair explaning how they “wouldn't have to make it a cup of tea," wrote, “yeah, but who takes her removable vagina out and puts in the dishwasher?”

Another posted: “Who goes to a brothel at 10am while they are still eating their bacon butties?”

City Sauna, Attercliffe, Road.

And another seemed unimpressed by the lifestyle and material benefits of girls working at the massage parlour.

One told the cameras: “I've been sex working for two and a half years. I've got everything I want. A purple kettle, purple toaster, purple microwave," which prompted the withering comment ‘living the dream’ from one Twitter user.

Jemz Thomson said: “Watching #AVeryYorkshireBrothel and we’re absolutely obsessed. These women are wonderful.”

Another posted: “The one-liners on this are comedy gold!” while @ms_manutd wrote: “The worst part of her job is changing her bed ?! .... that would be the least of my worries.”

Mark Hillman simply wrote: “What am I watching?! #AVeryYorkshireBrothel.”

The brothel attracts dozens of male clients who pay a £15 entrance fee before choosing their lady each week.

A “single sex act” such as straight sex is around £30 for 15 minutes and £50 for half an hour - with any special requests, such as spanking, domination or being smeared with food - costing more.

The Sauna - which has four rooms, including the Fantasy Room, the VIP Room and the Naughty Boy’s Room - has ten girls on its rota.

Prostitution is only legal in Britain if you’re working alone. So brothels – classed as two or more women working together – are illegal, making the City Sauna's activities against the law.

“You never know if you’re here from one day to another. The police can close you down at any time, and so can the council,” Kath says.

“You hope for the best every time you open up and when you lock up every night it could be the last time.

“People are always fascinated by what it’s like to work here. But to me it’s just like working in a chip shop.”

Lilly, who works two days in the City massage parlour, also sees clients in her own home, said: “I have a paddling pool under the bed for splashing and food bookings, where people like to pour custard or smash chocolate gateaux in my face.”

“Maple syrup is my favourite thing. I haven’t got bored of eating it off people yet.