Sheffield prepares for hottest day ever with temperatures set to reach 36C

Temperatures in Sheffield are set to reach an incredible 36C today as this week’s heatwave continues.

By Ben Green
Thursday, 25 July, 2019, 08:28

If the temperatures top 34.3C it will officially be the city’s hottest day on record.

The current forecast predicts the mercury will hit 36C (96.8F) later today, smashing the record set back in August 1990.

The all-time UK heat record of 38.5C – set in Kent in 2003 – also looks set to fall.

Here is the latest hour-by-hour forecast from the Met Office for Sheffield for today:

9am: Sunny, 23C

10am: Sunny, 26C

11am: Sunny, 29C

Temperatures are set to reach as high as 36C in Sheffield today

12pm: Sunny, 31C

1pm: Sunny, 33C

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2pm: Sunny, 35C

3pm: Sunny spells, 36C

4pm: Sunny spells, 35C

5pm: Sunny spells, 34C

6pm: Sunny, 34C

7pm: Sunny spells, 33C

8pm: Sunny spells, 31C

9pm: Dry, 29C

10pm: Overcast, 28C

11pm: Overcast, 27C