Video: Hull City supporters set off smoke bomb in Sheffield pub ahead of 4-1 defeat by Sheffield United

Hull City supporters have been criticised for setting off a smoke bomb in a Sheffield pub.
Hull City fans let off a smoke bomb in a Sheffield pub. Videos tweeted by @TheAwayFansVids and @hullcityprotestHull City fans let off a smoke bomb in a Sheffield pub. Videos tweeted by @TheAwayFansVids and @hullcityprotest
Hull City fans let off a smoke bomb in a Sheffield pub. Videos tweeted by @TheAwayFansVids and @hullcityprotest

Videos posted on social media show a canister releasing amber smoke in an unidentified pub, apparently ahead of yesterday's match against Sheffield United at Bramall Lane.

One, shared by @TheAwayFansVids, is accompanied by chants of 'we are Hull', while another posted by @hullcityprotest shows drinkers leaving the building.

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The second video is accompanied by the caption: "We keep to our word smoke bombs gone off in a Sheffield pub."

It is not clear if both videos show the same incident.

Some Hull City fans are protesting against the club's owner Assem Allam. A recent match against Nottingham Forest was stopped for several minutes after hundreds of tennis balls were thrown onto the pitch, and their cause has attracted sympathy from fans of other clubs.

But after the smoke bomb videos were posted, the protesters were criticised by some.

Nick Spencer tweeted: "Yeah great job, smoking out a pub that has nothing to do with #hcafc idiots!"

@DiddyDrinkall said: "Morons. Absolute grade A morons."

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Lee Nicholas wrote: "You're getting this ridiculously wrong chaps."

And Joe Wright said: "Silly and ineffective."

The @hullcityprotest account told The Star: "We do not condone we’re the smoke bomb was let off, in fact it was an inappropriate place to do so."

But speaking to the Hull Daily Mail, the group said they put out the bomb themselves.

The aim was to cause an 'inconvenience' in the hope that the Allams would get fined.

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A spokesperson told the paper: "The reason we put out the smoke bombs but never ourselves let them off is to try and be an inconvenience to any authority wherever we go hoping the Allams get fines and excessive paperwork

"We didn’t let the smoke bomb off, just people who want to be associated with us did.

The group are hoping their antics will cause fines for the Allams

"We have lots and lots planned, maybe the mainstream media will take us seriously now."