Petrol prices Sheffield: Here's where to find the cheapest unleaded and diesel prices in the city

The price of filling up the car reached a new record over the weekend – here’s where to find a better deal in Sheffield.

Monday, 13th June 2022, 6:09 pm

The price of petrol reached 185.04p for the first time on Sunday, while diesel hit a record of 191.03p on Saturday.

In Sheffield, the most expensive recorded pump in the city as of today (June 13) is selling unleaded for 194.9p per litre, while the highest price for diesel is reported as 195.9p.

It means the average cost of filling up a family car has now hit a record £100.

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Here is where you can find the cheapest petrol and diesel prices in Sheffield.

To help you out, The Star has listed the current cheapest prices for diesel and unleaded in Sheffield below.

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It comes as the UK’s competition watchdog has been asked to conduct an “urgent review” into whether a 5p fuel duty cut rolled out in March is being passed on to drivers.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has urged the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to examine the fuel market and whether there are local variations in petrol and diesel prices.

Meanwhile, the RAC reports a full 45 per cent of the price of fuel is currently made up of taxes through VAT and fuel duty.

Out of a litre of petrol worth 185p, 84p goes to the Government.

The RAC fuel spokesperson Simon Williams called on the government to intervene to “ensure drivers don’t endure a summer of discontent at the pumps”.

He added: “We hope the Government’s persistent talk about the importance of retailers passing on March’s 5p duty cut fully is a precursor to an announcement of a deeper cut this week.

“If that’s the case, it’s very welcome, albeit overdue as the 5p cut has been well and truly overtaken by events on the wholesale market since then.”

Where can I find the cheapest unleaded petrol in Sheffield?

The prices below are taken from If a forecourt’s prices have not been updated as of June 10, it will not been listed here.

– Costco, 170.7p

– Low Prices Always, City Road, 174.8p

– Asda Manor Top, 175.7p

– Asda Handsworth, 175.7p

– Tesco Abbeydale Road, 178.9p

– Sainsburys Archer Road, 178.9p

– Sainsburys Wadsley Bridge, 179.9p

– Sainburys The Moor, 179.9p

– Co-Op Birley Moor Road, 179.9p

Morrisons Ecclesfield,179.9p

– Morrisons Meadowhead,180.7p

– Morrisons Catcliffe, 180.7p

– Tesco Extra Saville Street, 181.9p

– Jet Northfield Road, 182.9p

– Morrisons Hillsborough, 182.9p

– BP Sheffield Road, 182.9p

– Texaco Ecclesall Road, 183.9p

– BP Chesterfield Road, 183.9p

– Shell Netherthorpe Road, 185.9p

– Esso East bank road, 185.9p

– Esso Chesterfield Road, 185.9p

– Shell Herries Road, 185.9p

– BP Bramall Lane, 186.9p

– Shell Ecclesall Road, 186.9p

– Texaco Penistone Road, 186.9p

– BP Leppings Lane, 186.9p

– BP Retford Road, 186.9p

– Esso Wordsworth avenue, 187.9p

– Esso Prince of Wales, 194.9p

Where can I find the cheapest diesel in Sheffield?

The prices below are taken from If a forecourt’s prices have not been updated as of June 10, it will not been listed here.

– Costco – 179.7p

– Low Prices Always, 183.8p

– Morrisons Meadowhead, 185.7p

– Morrisons Ecclesfield, 185.9p

– Asda Manor Top, 186.7p

– Asda Handsworth, 186.7p

– Esso Ridgeway Road, 187.7p

– Morrisons Catcliffe, 187.7p

– Sainsburys Wadsley Bridge, 187.9p

– Sainsburys The Moor, 187.9p

– Co-Op Birley Moor Road, 187.9p

– Morrisons Hillsborough, 188.9p

– Sainsburys Archer Road, 188.9p

– Esso East Band Road, 189.9p

– Harvest Energy Bradfield Road, 189.9p

– Shell Herries Road, 189.9p

– BP Retford Road, 190.9p

– BP Bramall Lane, 191.9p

– Tesco Saville Street, 191.9p

– Texaco Penistone Road, 192.9p

– BP Leppings Lane, 192.9p

– BP Sheffield Road, 192.9p

– Esso Bawtry Road, 192.9p

– Shell Netherthorpe Road, 194.9p

– Shell Ecclesall Road, 194.9p

– Shell Bawtry Road, 195.9p