Petrol prices Sheffield: Cheapest petrol prices in Sheffield listed by online comparison site this afternoon

Petrol prices across Sheffield have soared as oil and gas prices have risen following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Monday, 21st March 2022, 4:05 pm

Oil prices have risen to the highest levels for years, and today, The Star is listing the cheapest places in Sheffield for petrol currently listed on the petrol price comparison website, this afternoon.

The figures here show the petrol station, the price, and the date it was last updated.

> Costco Sheffield Automat; Parkway Drive. Unleaded 160.7pp (Updated Mar 20)

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These are thought to be the lowest petrol prices in Sheffield (pic: Joe Giddens/PA Wire)

> Morrisons Hillsborough, Penistone Road. Unleaded 160.9p (Mar 20)

> Tesco Abbeydale, Abbeydale Road. Unleaded 160.9p (Mar 19)

> BP Retford Road, HKS Woodhouse Mill Mill. Unleaded 160.9p (Mar 20)

> Pearl Motors, East Bank Road. Unleaded 161.8p (Mar 17)

> Texaco Penistone Road Service Station, Penistone Road. Unleaded. 161.9p (Mar 19)

> Jet Bradfield Road Road (HKS Hillsborough) Unleaded 161.9p. (Mar 10)

> BP Leppings Lane Spar Hillsborough Service Station 161.9. (Mar 19)

> Morrisons Catcliffe, Unleaded 162.7p (Mar 20)

> Esso East Bank Road, (RSS Norfolk Park). Unleaded 162.9p (Mar 15)

> Tesco Extra Saville Street. Unleaded 162.9p (Mar 21)

> Sainsbury’s, Archer Road. Unleaded 162.9p (Mar 18)

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