Headford Street crash: Sheffield councillor calls for barriers at 'dangerous' site where car came off road

Calls have been made for barriers to be put up on Hanover Way in Sheffield city centre after the serious collision last night.

Friday, 10th December 2021, 2:08 pm

On Thursday, December 9, at around 9pm, a car left the road on the southbound side of Hanover Way, near the underpass running from Broomhall Street towards Headford Gardens.

The driver of the vehicle is believed to have been seriously injured.

Residents living nearby have pointed out that this incident is the second of its kind to happen there since 2018, where a man was fatally injured in a similar collision, and have called for barriers to be put in place ‘before it happens again’.

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Skid marks at the scene

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Kaltum Rivers, councillor for Broomhill and Sharrow Vale, said: “This is a very dangerous part of the road. There have been two serious incidents where cars have flown off the road, and children, students and elderly people use this underpass very regularly.

"Last night, everybody who came out to the scene was saying ‘not again’. We are all very shaken up and worried.

"The council needs to put barriers up there along the road, not just to protect pedestrians and cyclists, but to protect drivers too.

Hanover Way underpass in Sheffield city centre, near the scene of a serious crash on Thursday night

"I will be taking this to a council meeting. How many more times do we want this to happen before we act?”

Cllr Rivers said she had seen the skid marks on the road and it looked like the car had left the ground and ‘flew’ off the road.

"I don’t know what the driver’s injuries were but it looked very bad,” she added.

Emergency services at the scene of a serious crash on Hanover Way in Sheffield city centre on Thursday, December 9