Furious Sheffield business owner launches petition against Broomhill traffic changes

Sheffield City Council’s traffic changes have once again divided opinion, with a business critical of the latest measures launching a petition calling for them to be removed.

Thursday, 20th August 2020, 12:57 pm

The most controversial aspect of the most recent temporary changes has been the closure of the parking bays on Fulwood Road which serve Broomhill’s shopping precinct and nearby businesses.

Critics, including some shopkeepers, claim it could sound the death knell for businesses in the area which were already struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now Williamson Hardware, a family-run business based in Broomhill which has been trading for 61 years and employs seven people, has launched a petition against the changes.

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Parking changes in Broomhill, Sheffield. Picture: Chris Etchells

Staff member Mark Williamson said: “It’s just very short-sighted, it’s obviously going to impact trade.

"I don’t think it’s helping. Everyone’s just walking on the pavement as they were before. It’s completely pointless.”

He added: “It’s just brainless. I can’t for the life of me think that anyone would think this is a solution.”

Mark claimed the two disabled parking bays the council promised would remain open have not, meaning those with reduced mobility cannot access the shops.

The latest traffic changes have once again split opinion.

He said: “That puts an end to any disabled people that planned on parking outside.

"It already appears to have had an affect on trade. We were definitely down yesterday.”

Commenting on the petition on social media, one woman wrote: “I find there is never anywhere to park in Broomhill and I used to live there. Now you can’t even park in those few spaces I personally will avoid Broomhill altogether.”

Another woman wrote: “My partner works in Record Collector and he says the closure of the parking bays is killing local businesses.”

But, once again, disagreement over traffic changes was rife. One person said: “The parking spaces right outside the shops were causing absolute chaos and havoc. Pedestrians could not move around easily and particularly now during Covid this is an issue as we can't keep the right distance.”

And another wrote: “Excellent news as far as I am concerned. It will make Broomhill a much better place to shop.”

Matt Reynolds, transport planning and infrastructure manager at Sheffield City Council, said: “Temporary disabled parking bays have been installed on Spooner Road and Taptonville Road, whilst work is carried out to widen the footpath in Broomhill’s shopping precinct to allow for social distancing.

"The additional bays have been put in place to ensure that disabled access to the shops is maintained during the works. When the work is completed, two disabled bays will be reopened outside of the shops and the temporary ones will also remain in place, doubling the disabled parking provision in the area.”

On Thursday the Council confirmed another another controversial temporary traffic measure – the pop-up cycle lane on the A61 inner ring-road Shalesmoor – will be removed next weekend.

You can view and sign the petition here.