Easyjet strikes: How Sheffield summer holidaymakers could be affected by 10,000 cancellations

10,000 Easyjet flights may not go ahead this summer as cabin crew members in Spain have voted to strike during the peak summer period. We answer your questions.

Wednesday, 22nd June 2022, 10:55 am

Who is striking in the Easyjet strikes?

Easyjet cabin crew based in Spain have voted to strike, with over 450 members of staff expected to walk during a nine day period in July.

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LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 27: An easyJet aeroplane comes in for landing at Gatwick Airport on March 27, 2022 in London, England. Gatwick's South terminal closed in June 2020 to reduce costs during the Coronvirus pandemic when traveller numbers reduced significantly. It has undergone months of refurbishment and re-opens today to meet the expected increased demand for air travel over Easter and the coming summer now that restrictions have been lifted. (Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images)

The union behind the strikes, called the USO, says it represents over 80 per cent of Easyjet cabin crew in the country and is hoping to come to an agreement with Easyjet before the strikes begin.

When are the Easyjet strikes?

There will be nine days of strikes in total, with Easyjet flights to and from Spanish airports during those strike days likely to be most affected.

Staff will walk out for three three-day periods between July 1 and 3, July 15 and 17 and finally July 29 and 30.

These nine days are spread across the peak of the summer travel periods as holidaymakers from the UK travel to Europe and beyond to enjoy the warm weather.

What are Easyjet cabin crew striking for?

The USO are protesting against low wages and say the airline underestimated the demand they would be under this summer, causing a “domino effect” onto the cabin crew staff.

Airlines and airports across the UK are dealing with the pressures of extremely high demand as the industry is set for it’s first summer with minimal Covid-19 worries since 2019.

The USO are demanding a 40 per cent increase on their basic salaries to make up for the additional pressures they say they are now under.

Are Easyjet flights being cancelled?

With the strikes happening in the peak of the summer period, it is possible flights due to take place on the affected days could be cancelled, however, this is just speculation.

Easyjet have already apologised this year for canceling a number of summer flights as it suffers with staff shortages coming out of the pandemic.

It is projected 10,000 Easyjet flights out of 160,000 for sale in July, August and September may not go ahead.

How do I get a refund from Easyjet?

When your flight is cancelled you can request a refund from Easyjet through their website via the Manage Bookings section.

At first you may be prompted to get a voucher for another flight rather than a full refund, but you can request a full refund, which will be deposited back into the account you paid for your flight for.

Is my Easyjet flight cancelled?

If your flight is cancelled in advance of you travelling then you will be notified by Easyjet of this, as well as any other changes they make, such as delayed departures or flight changes.

Easyjet recommend passengers regularly check their flight information around the time they are due to be travelling as changes, cancellations and delays can all be made at short notice.

If you receive nothing from Easyjet telling you there has been a change and there are no changes to your flight details, it is likely your flight is currently going ahead as planned.