Woman claims ambulance takes two hours to reach ill Sheffield tram passenger

Stagecoach SupertramStagecoach Supertram
Stagecoach Supertram
A woman has claimed that it took almost two hours for an ambulance to reach an ill passenger, in an incident that caused a Sheffield tram service to be cancelled this afternoon.

Kelly Mendham said she noticed the passenger, believed to be in early 20s, was in distress as she was travelling to the city centre.

"I got on the tram and saw that she was distressed. I was with her for about two hours," she said.

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Stagecoach supertram had announced that their 12.28pm departure from Meadowhall was cancelled and would resume at Arena to Middlewood due to a passenger illness that required an ambulance.

Ms Mendham said the tram was stopped at Castle Square and went to the depot.

She added that the ambulance still hadn't arrived when she left her with the police.

"The police then called me saying that they (the ambulance) were on their way but took them nearly two hours.

"After I left her with the police, they called me with an update (that the ambulance has arrived) I hope she's okay," she said.

Further information about this incident has been requested.