Concerned Sheffield residents create own 20mph signs in bid to slow speeding motorists down

Concerned residents have taken matters into their own hands in a bid to slow motorists down on their street – claiming someone could be killed if deterrents are not put in place.

Saturday, 27th July 2019, 18:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th July 2019, 13:57 pm

People living on Donnington Road, just off Granville Road, have created their own 20mph signs and placed them in their gardens after claming they have seen drivers speeding at up to 70mph on the street.

Pauline Crawshaw said residents were collating signatures on a fourth petition calling for the speed limit to be reduced from 30mph to 20mph, something which Sheffield Council said was ‘suitable’.

Ms Crawshaw said: “We’ve got the road signs made because we don’t know what else we can do. This is also the fourth petition we’ll have done.

Residents on Donnington Road who have created their own road safety signs.

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“We have tried everything. We’ve had councillors to the house, we’ve spoken to everyone but we’ve had to get off our backsides and do somthing ourselves. We’re not talking about people going 40mph, we’re talking up to 70mph.”

Ms Crawshaw said residents had also been met with abuse by drivers when they confronted them about their speed and added motorists were also abusing the no right turn at the junction of Donnington Road and St Aidan’s Road.

She said: “We used to have the speed camera van on the street and it worked but that seemed to just stop. We have met councillors and had other meetings and they seem to have done nothing for us.

Residents Pauline, Marie and Alyas on Donnington Road who have created their own road safety signs.

“There will be a fatality, I am not exaggerating but people just seem to laugh and abuse us. We’re not getting any younger and drivrs are foul mouthing us for asking them to slow down. They’re using it as a rat run”

Ms Crawshaw said she was going to contact South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership to see what can be done to impose enforcement on the street.

She said: “What I would like to a fixed speed camera installing and then they just spend money to install it and that’s it.”

In a statement, Sheffield Council said it aims to impose four ‘sign only’ 20mph speed limit areas across the city each year, which are prioritised by looking at the number and severity of accidents in suitable areas.

20mph zones have been introduced in Meadowhead, Beauchief and parts of the city centre this year and will shortly be installed in Wincobank and Hurlfield.

It said Donnington Road was included in an area ‘that has been identified as suitable for a 20mph speed limit, but added it was not in the current programme for implementation.