TECH TALK: EZVIZ Security Starter Alarm Smart Home Kit

There's an old saying ' If you want something doing well, do it yourself'.

Sunday, 21st October 2018, 1:20 pm
Updated Sunday, 21st October 2018, 1:28 pm
The EZVIZ Security Starter Alarm Smart Home Kit.

And there's a case that that phrase could well extend to house alarms.

What do I mean? well, with traditional systems, if you're away from home, you're counting on any intruder in your property being put off by the alarm siren, but then it's usually on your neighbours to alert the authorities for you.

The alarm hub.

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But this nice piece of kit lets you know on your smartphone that the alarm has been triggered, allowing you to take action, wherever you may be.

It's relatively simple to connect the kit's alarm hub to your wifi system, and to download the free EZVIZ app from the Apple or Android Play Store. The kit has a built-in human voice to make set-up smooth and quick by simply following the voice prompts.

The alarm system lets you choose between three settings - 'At Home', 'Leaving Home', and 'Sleep'.

In the starter kit is an open-close window/door sensor, a pet-immune PIR detector and a remote control. All of these are easily added to the system by using a QR barcode scanner that comes with the app - just scan the code on the accessory or its manual and it connects to the hub.

The remote control fob.

Alternatively, you can press a button on the hub and bring the accessory close to it.

Starting with the door sensor, this contains a rechargeable battery which needs a full first charge via a mini phone usb cable (included) connected to a computer or wall plug charger.

This then sits inside a base which you can affix to your chosen window/door either with the included sticky pad or screws. It's recommended the sensor is recharged every three months. Just unclip from the base and recharge as above.

The PIR sensor also comes with a base which you affix to your desired spot via a sticky pad/wall screws. This contains a battery which is not rechargeable so will need replacing at some point. The phone app lets you know when the battery is running low we're assured.

The full contents of the kit.

The PIR is also pet-friendly. Providing your animal is lighter than 25kg, it can roam freely with no risk of alarm activation.

The remote control has a button for each three settings plus panic alarm button feature. The device can be attached to a key fob.

Via the phone app you can tell the hub when you want to arm each sensor - so in the At Home setting you probably don't want to arm either. The default setting for the door sensor in 'At Home' comes with a nice doorbell sound when you open the door/window, but this can be silenced in the app settings.

When you leave the house, click the appropriate icon on the remote control and you're given a short time to exit.

EZVIZ Security Starter Alarm Smart Home Kit

The alarm is now set and, should any of the sensors be triggered, the hub emits a repeated 'intruder detected' to hopefully alarm the offender, and you are notified via push text which one one of your sensors has been triggered.

The Sleep mode allows you to set the alarm but only activates perimeter sensors - which in the Starter Kit's case is the door/window sensor - so that you don't trigger the PIR when you plod downstairs for your cornflakes.

Up to 32 accessories can be added to the hub, and you can also integrate with EZVIZ HD security cameras. Click here for my EZVIZ C6T camera review. The kit is IFTTT compatible, and works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

I found this to be a perfect compliment to my traditional alarm kit, having the reassurance of my old ear-splitting siren and the EZVIZ notification technology.

The Ezviz Security Starter Alarm Smart Home Kit is priced at £149.99 from Argos.

The PIR sensor is pet-friendly.
The door/window sensor.
The system works with Alexa.
The system works with Google Assistant.