Government Christmas party 2020: Sheffield MPs express fury over alleged Downing Street party

South Yorkshire MPs say people are ‘rightly furious’ after a video was leaked showing Downing Street staff joking about holding a Christmas party in Number 10, while the rest of the country was under lockdown restrictions last year.

The video, leaked to ITV, shows Allegra Stratton, the Prime Minister’s former spokesperson making jokes about a Christmas party in Number 10 on December 18 2020.

Boris Johnson has apologised for the video, and ordered an investigation to establish if rules had been broken.

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Government Christmas party 2020: Number 10 staff laughed and the joke was on us
Two Sheffield Labour MPs have criticised the government's actions, adding that constituents had been in touch to express their anger.

Three South Yorkshire Labour MPs have criticised the government’s actions, adding that constituents had been in touch to express their anger.

Louise Haigh MP for Sheffield Heeley, said: “People are rightly furious that whilst they were making terrible sacrifices, and in many cases, unable to say their final goodbyes to loved ones, senior staff at Number 10 were flagrantly breaching the rules, and worse of all, laughing about it.

“The Prime Minister’s non-apology today adds insult to injury. What kind of idiot needs an inquiry to find out if a party took place in their own house?

“This Government is taking the public for fools and have lost any kind of moral authority to preside over the public health crisis and to ask the public to stick to the rules.”

Paul Blomfield - UK Parliament official portraits 2017

Paul Blomfield, MP for Sheffield Central said: “Lots of constituents have been in touch with me to express their anger with the Government.

"Downing Street broke the rules with their Christmas Party and then joked about how they were deceiving everyone.

"It’s just another way in which the Conservatives show their contempt for people – one rule for them, another for the rest of us.”

“Last winter I heard from people who couldn’t see grandchildren and couldn’t attend the hospital bedside of sick relatives.

"Families moved mountains to follow the rules, even when it meant not being with those they love.

"Boris Johnson’s Conservatives are not just lying to us, they’re laughing at us too.”

Dan Jarvis, MP for Barnsley Central said:“The disgraceful revelations about Christmas parties in Number 10 have rightly angered local residents who did the right thing last December: cancelled Christmas plans; stayed apart from family and friends; and endured huge challenges to their businesses.

“Yet again this shows us exactly what the Conservatives think about ordinary people – it’s one rule for them and their mates, another for the rest of us.”