Residents dressing as zebras in bid for crossing on busy Sheffield street - and 6 other road safety campaigns in the city from 2021

Road safety and lower speed limits – these have been two of the biggest issues in Sheffield during 2021.

By Lucy Ashton, Local Democracy Reporter
Thursday, 30th December 2021, 11:39 am

At almost every monthly meeting of the full council, a resident will present a petition highlighting near misses, accidents and dangerous roads in their neighbourhood and appeal for help.

Here are some of the campaigns by residents this past year and the response from Sheffield Council.

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Why did the zebra cross the road? To petition for a safe crossing on a Sheffield...

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Campaigners dressed as zebras and held placards that said “this zebra needs a crossing” on Abbey Lane in Ecclesall in March.

Abbey Lane

Campaigners dressed as zebras and held placards that said “this zebra needs a crossing” and “sign our petition” on Abbey Lane in Ecclesall in March.

More than 5,000 people signed the petition, which was launched by the Friends of Ecclesall Woods.

Campaigner Sarah Thomas said: “Crossing here or watching others try to cross is desperate, it is an accident waiting to happen, it is stressful and unpleasant. Watching young families trying to scoot across sometimes with pushchairs and holding children’s hands is terrifying.”

Residents have been involved in a number of road safety campaigns this year.

Sheffield Council intends to install a crossing on the busy stretch as part of its active travel plans.

Psalter Lane

In May more than 160 people signed a petition calling for a pedestrian crossing at what residents say is an accident blackspot.

Dozens of people want a crossing on Psalter Lane near Osborne Road and Brincliffe Gardens to make it easier for pedestrians around Sharrow, Brincliffe and Nether Edge.

Helen Brown said: “Accidents involving pedestrians crossing this busy stretch of Psalter Lane have happened and a fatality is only a matter of time.

“There is only a single existing pedestrian crossing on Psalter Lane between Sharrow Lane and Banner Cross.

“Many children and their families cross Psalter Lane on this busy and dangerous section of road, in order to attend schools, amenities, nurseries and play areas.

“On the one-mile stretch of Psalter Lane between the Sharrow Lane roundabout and Banner Cross, there is a single pedestrian crossing at Junction Road junction that is already congested, especially during rush hours and school drop off and pick up times.”

The council says it will speak to Hunters Bar Infant school to see if there is scope for a walking bus.

Little London Road

More than 720 people signed a petition about the junction of Little London Road and Chesterfield Road in July.

Tony Tigwell said: “People who live in Heeley and around Chesterfield Road find it very dangerous crossing the road, particularly vulnerable people, young families with buggies, those on mobility scooters and elderly people trying to get to the shops and Sloan Medical Centre.

“Chesterfield Road was widened two years ago and the engineers put a drop curb right on the corner – that is the most dangerous place to cross that road.”

The council says the vehicle entrance for B&M is too close to the junction to put in a pedestrian crossing and there is no space for traffic islands. People are advised to use the pedestrian crossing at Valley Road instead.

Manchester Road

Liberal Democrat councillor Mohammed Mahroof said in August that residents wanted safe crossing points in Crosspool.

He said: “There’s a constant stream of traffic on Manchester Road, some difficult junctions plus lots of young children at Lydgate Juniors, Lydgate Infants and Ryegate Children’s Centre.

“There has been a lot of concern around Crosspool regarding safe crossing points and traffic in general.

“The areas of particular concern are Manchester Road outside Tesco and Lydgate Lane and Cross Lane to name a few.”

The council says there are already several pedestrian crossings in the area.

Knowle Lane

Almost 100 people signed a petition about Knowle Lane, Hoover Avenue and Haugh Lane in October

Parents called for a junction to be made safer after a car crashed onto a pavement where children gather for school.

Ecclesall mum Ann Rowan said: “There was a crash at that junction recently, it occurred 10 minutes before I walked past there with my two-year-old child to go to nursery.

“It’s a point where people gather to meet to walk to Ecclesall primary school, it’s also on the route to Silverdale and High Storrs so a lot of people in the morning are using that junction and going in various directions.

“My neighbours who live on the corner report many near misses they hear and see from their house.”

The council says it will investigate whether the junction can be made safer.

Ecclesall Road

Also in October Christopher Beck launched a petition, saying the air around the crossing on Ecclesall Road near the entrance of Endcliffe Park was “filled with the sound of rapidly accelerating engines and horns”.

He said he had already seen a child knocked down there and to prevent future incidents a metal fence should be put up to feed people onto the marked crossing towards the shops and traffic calming measures should be implemented to “rein in drivers competing for first place” as they change lanes.

Park Hill

A mum and her young daughter presented a petition to councillors calling for a 20mph speed limit in their neighbourhood.

Nadine Fisher and daughter Matilda handed in the 45-name petition from residents at Norfolk Park and Park Hill.

She said: “This petition was sparked by a particular incident from a friend of mine, who had tried to put her son into the car, and the wing mirror was clipped by a car driving through the road.

“As we spoke to our neighbours and friends, it became clear that this was not an isolated incident but something that has happened or been witnessed very often.”

The council says it can’t promise anything but will look into it.