‘Complete contempt for the people of Sheffield Hallam’ – Political rivals react to Jared O’Mara's ‘resignation postponement’

Political rivals to defiant Sheffield Hallam MP Jared O'Mara have once again called for him to step down immediately after he ‘postponed’ his resignation.

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 2:18 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th September 2019, 10:09 am

Liberal Democrat candidate Laura Gordon, who is understood to be the favourite to take the seat, said she was ‘urgently seeking advice’ on what action was possible while Labour’s Olivia Blake a by-election was ‘needed as soon as possible.

And Natalie Thomas, the Green Party’s candidate, said constituents in Hallam had not been properly represented.

Mr O’Mara had pledged in July that he would resign once parliament resumed saying he was in ‘no fit state to continue’.

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Laura Gordon.

But the Treasury confirmed on Tuesday that it had received a letter requesting that his resignation as Sheffield Hallam MP be ‘postponed’.

And despite Mr O’Mara postponing his resignation, he did not vote in Tuesday’s ballot which saw the The House of Commons vote 328 to 301 to take control of the agenda, allowing them to bring a bill requesting a Brexit delay today.

Ms Gordon, who has opened up a ‘constituency office’ on Tapton House Road, just off Manchester Road, in an attempt to help constituents, said: “Since Jared O’Mara’s problems were first revealed 18 months ago, I have tried to be considerate of the issues he has faced.

Jared O'Mara MP for Sheffield Hallam

“However, postponing his resignation shows complete contempt for the people of Hallam who voted him in and pay his salary.

“It is completely unacceptable that at such a crucial time in our history the people of Sheffield Hallam have no voice in Parliament.

“I am urgently seeking advice on what action is possible and I call on Jared to honour his commitment to resign immediately.”

Olivia Blake

Ms Blake, who resigned as deputy leader of the Sheffield Council, said Mr O’Mara had ‘broken his promise to resign’.

She said: “The people of Hallam need a voice in Parliament, even more so with such crucial votes coming up. We need a by-election as soon as possible. Only Labour can stop a disastrous no-deal Brexit.”Ms Gordon said: “

Natalie Thomas, who was announced as the Green Party candidate last week, said it was very ‘sad’ that Mr O’Mara had chosen not to resign yet.

Natalie Thomas.

She added: “I think it’s very sad for the constituents. They need representation and they have needed representation for a while now and they’ve not had any.

“Everyone knows that it’s difficult times in politics at the minute but when you have a constituency as large as Hallam, it’s clearly very disappointing that Jared has decided not to resign yet.”

Mr O’Mara could not be reached for comment.