Community calls for CCTV at Sheffield pond where wildlife is trapped in rubbish

A concerned Sheffield resident has launched a petition asking Sheffield authorities to install CCTV cameras in a wildlife spot.

Monday, 13th June 2022, 3:42 pm

Hayley Seward started the petition to get cameras at Frechville Pond which has so far gathered 15 signatures in just under a week.

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She said the number of cygnets from a breeding pair of swans had reduced from seven to three due to being trapped in fishing lines and carrier bags and harmed by other human impacts.

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Wildlife in Sheffield.

In a statement she added: “Each year our wildlife is being injured by preventable acts in this area.

“The play park is covered with letter, explicit graffiti, paint and occasionally dog mess which causes health and safety issues for the children who want to play there.

“A number of youths are displaying antisocial behaviour which is intimidating residents and making our community space unpleasant.

Wildlife in Sheffield.

“The installation of preventative measures such as cameras will help keep our space clean and safe for all generations to enjoy.”

The petition will run on Sheffield Council’s website until July 19.