Police 'share frustration' over chuggers in Sheffield

A chugger stops a member of the public
A chugger stops a member of the public
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Police in Sheffield say they share public frustration over so-called 'chuggers' in the city centre but claim action is being taken.

Charity muggers - as those stopping passers-by to ask for donations to their chosen cause have become known - are considered a nuisance by some people.

When officers conducted a public Q&A via Facebook, it was one of the first topics which arose.

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Joanne Howe asked members of the Sheffield Central policing team: "Can anything be done about chuggers?"

Inspector John Mallows responded: "I share your frustration about the subject matter. The council is looking at the issue very closely and will be consulting the public in the very near future about issues such as the aforementioned which are directly impacting on the public when they are in the city centre.

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"Keep an eye on the Sheffield City Council website for further news. I hope this answers your question."