Phillimore Road crash: Floral tributes laid out by community say goodbye to 'beautiful, smiling woman'

Flowers left at the scene of a Sheffield woman’s tragic death this week have said goodbye to a ‘beautiful, smiling’ woman.

Friday, 8th October 2021, 9:04 am

A community remains in shock this week after a mum-of-two was killed as she waited for her child outside a Darnall school at home time.

Rita Magni was resting at a bus stop on Phillimore Road when she was hit and killed by a car that span out of control after it was involved in a collision at a nearby junction. She was 30.

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Phillimore Road crash: Sheffield mum killed by runaway car outside school is nam...

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"You were a beautiful woman, always smiling and always laughing."

In the days since her death, family and friends have decribed Rita as an “excellent person” and mother, who was “always smiling”.

Today, dozens of floral tributes remain at the scene of Rita’s accident. Many were laid at a 3pm gathering on Tuesday - exactly 24 hours after her death.

“I’ve not known you very long but I’m grateful I did,” reads one tribute.

“You were a beautiful woman, always smiling and laughing. I will miss seeing you at school having our chats whilst waiting for the children to come out. A beautiful life taken too soon.”

A community remains in shock this week following the death of a mum of two as she was waiting for her child outside a primary school at home time.

“Your smile will be missed,” reads another.

One woman leaving flowers at the scene, who spoke to the Star on Tuesday, said: “It’s so awful, especially with her having been on the way to pick up her kids. The whole community is feeling this loss and we’re all in shock.”

In the days since Rita’s death, a debate has flared up over road safety in Sheffield after parents shared their concerns at how Phillimore Road does not have a single traffic calming measure.

However, one resident told The Star on Thursday: “Anything like that is always a terrible thing. But in terms of ‘could anything really be done to the improve the situation’, I can't think of anything that is obviously wrong at the moment.

Rita Alexandra Bento Magni, 30, was killed while waiting to pick up one of her two children outside Phillimore Community Primary School when she was hit and killed by a runaway car.

“Accidents do happen, it is sad, but I can't see anything obvious to say 'that needs to be done'.”

Sheffield Council says once the inquest into Ms Magni's death has concluded, any recommendations for traffic calming measures will be investigated.

Meanwhile, two men arrested on Monday in relation to Rita’s death have been released under investigation.

Today, flowers remain at the scene of Rita's accident. Many were left at a gathering on Tuesday exactly 24 hours after her death.
"Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un."
"Sending our thoughts and prayers to the family and local community at this time."
A debate has flared up this week about whether Phillimore Road should receive traffic calming measures after the accident, as it currently has none.