Woman writes book to raise cash for Sheffield Children's Hospital after medics helped her son

A woman has written and illustrated her first children’s book, raising money for The Sheffield Children’s Hospital as a thank you for helping her son after a horrific accident.

By Grace Anderson
Tuesday, 8th February 2022, 7:57 pm

Sue Todd, 56, who runs ‘The Sewing Room’, an upholstery shop in Barnsley, was inspired to create her own children’s book after her grandson Thomas, aged eight, asked her to tell him a story.

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Sue proceeded to tell Thomas the tale of a ‘crazy, rainbow haired lady named Suzy who owns her own sewing shop and loves to sew’.

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Sue Todd has written a book and some of the proceeds will be donated to Sheffield Children's Hospital

One day, when a peculiar creature visits her shop, Suzy and her companions must find a way to understand and help this strange new friend, the story continued.

Her grandson enjoyed the tale so much that Sue promised Thomas that she would finish and illustrate it for him, coming

to life as ‘Sewing Suzy and her Strange Friends’.

After ‘Sewing Suzy’ received a great reception from Sue’s friends and family, she decided to publish the book, donating a percentage of proceeds to The Children’s Hospital Charity.

Sue was inspired to raise money for the cause as Sheffield Children’s Hospital has treated ‘at least three generations’ of children in her family.

In 1999 Sue’s son, 13 at the time, was cared for at the hospital after an accident where he fell through a glass window and severed a main artery.

He spent a week in intensive care and received treatment from the hospital for three years after the fall.

Sue describes the care her son received as ‘fantastic’ and said it ‘feels amazing to give something back years later’ through the donations from her debut children’s book.

Her grandson Thomas, who is featured as a main character within ‘Sewing Suzy and her Strange Friends’, said that ‘if it wasn’t for the hospital, my daddy wouldn’t be here, and neither would I’.

She is now currently working on the sequel to ‘Sewing Suzy’, which is due to be finished within the next few months.

The sequel is a ‘continuation of the same crazy adventures’ surrounding Suzy and her friends and is set to star Sue’s teenage granddaughter, Kasey.

‘Sewing Suzy and her Strange Friends’ is available to buy on Kindle, EBay and from Sue’s website.