Where can I donate for Ukraine war victims: Round-up of the places to donate in Sheffield

Here is a summary of places in Sheffield and South Yorkshire where you can donate supplies and money to aid those affected by the war in Ukraine.

Wednesday, 13th April 2022, 1:20 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th April 2022, 1:20 am

Nazar Senechyn:

Nazar Senechyn and his family are raising money and collecting donations to take to the Ukrainian border.

They already made one trip to the border two weeks ago, and are now collecting once again in aim of making the trip once more.

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Lorry Load of supplies collected by United for Ukraine.

Nazar and his family take the supplies donated to them to the border, where they will meet people who will take the supplies further into the country and distribute it to those suffering from Russia’s war on Ukraine.

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United for Ukraine: The Sheffield organisation donating lorry loads of supplies ...

Currently, he is looking for all sorts of aid and supplies, including medical supplies, nappies, clothing for children and adults, sanitary products and hygiene products.

The Senechyn family are also looking to raise some money, around £2,500, to fund their trips to the border, with donations being taken on Nazar’s GoFundMe page. Any cash they raise in addition to what they need will be spent on additional supplies and aid for the Ukrainians.

Nazar Senechyn travelling to the Ukraine border with donated supplies.

For drop off points and the address, follow Nazar’s Facebook Page.

United for Ukraine:

The United for Ukraine organisation is collecting donations and supplies of all types to transport to the Polish border.

They have already taken six lorry-loads of supplies to the border to aid those suffering from the war in Ukraine and are now planning further trips and looking for supplies and donations.

Andrew Foulkes is collecting supplies and necessities to drive down to Poland in a van.

Currently, non-perishable foods are a priority. However, plenty of other supplies are required.

Recently, the group has been kindly allowed usage of a warehouse on John Street to collect and store donations that will be transported to Ukraine, and this is one of the available drop-off locations.

It has a team of tireless volunteers across Sheffield and South Yorkshire, and has already made an enormous impact on people’s lives in Ukraine and those fleeing.

To find out more about available drop-off points for donations and required supplies, visit United for Ukraine’s Facebook page.

Pam Young is coordinating efforts on the Hungary-Ukraine border and is raising money for additional supplies.

Ukraine Van Project:

Sheffield resident Andrew Foulkes will be driving a van of supplies and aid to Poland, where they will be distributed among Ukrainians suffering due to the war.

The van will then be used to evacuate Ukrainians from the besieged areas of the country, such as Mariupol.

Andrew is raising money to purchase humanitarian supplies and to also fund the trip to Poland on his JustGiving page.

The list of items Andrew is looking to be donated to Ukraine are: packets of paracetamol/ibuprofen tablets, liquid paracetamol (i.e. Calpol), flu tablets/capsules, nasal spray, tourniquets, a generator, cup a soups (mushroom & tomato), Pot Noodles, tea, coffee (instant), condensed milk, powdered milk.

The drop off points for supplies are S6 Foodbank, St Thomas Philadelphia, Cross Gilpin Street, and St Luke's Church, Lodge Moor, Blackbrook Rd entrance.

Pamela Young:

Pam Young has been on the Ukraine-Hungary border for three weeks and is raising money for supplies and essentials.

She is coordinating efforts to aid those fleeing Ukraine on the Hungary border, including helping those across the border and helping provide food and shelter.

Pam will be returning to Sheffield soon for a recharge, but hopes to return shortly after.

Donate here.