United for Ukraine: The Sheffield organisation donating lorry loads of supplies to Ukraine

After an initially huge response, Sheffield-based United for Ukraine has grown and grown – and has now sent six lorries of supplies so far to Poland.

Tuesday, 12th April 2022, 3:33 pm

The United for Ukraine organisation began when Henryk Matysiak, who has family in Poland, put up a Facebook post asking for donations for Ukraine.

After receiving an enormous response, the organisation has continued to grow and grow, with more donations and lorries being sent to Poland each week as volunteers work incredibly hard to collect and distribute supplies.

With several drop off points around Sheffield and South Yorkshire, the organisation had recently been kindly allowed to use a warehouse on John Street, Sheffield, to store donated supplies.

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United for Ukraine in South Yorkshire.

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The organisation has partnered with Ant Marketing, which has allowed use of the warehouse where there is now a huge Ukraine flag painted on the front.

Anthony Hinchliffe, CEO of Ant Marketing, said: “I simply had to help - I have found it hard to concentrate on my usual work activities with terrible atrocities taking place in Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

"Ant Marketing own a property on John St, next to Sheffield United’s ground - and I received an email from our letting agent Tim Bottrill. It stated that 'Unite with Ukraine', a respected charity, were looking for space to gather specific donations from Sheffielders.

The new United for Ukraine warehouse on John Street, Sheffield.

"A kind logistics company delivers clothes from Poland to Sheffield weekly - and will take donations to the Poland / Ukraine border free of charge. We decided instantly to allow 'Unite with Ukraine' to utilise our space and gave them the keys that day.”

United for Ukraine has a team of volunteers working tirelessly to distribute the supplies, and has a number of larger and smaller hubs and house where people can donate supplies to be donated.

So far, it has delivered six lorries full of supplies and necessities to the Polish border to be distributed to Ukrainians in desperate need.

Now, United for Ukraine is fundraising to raise more money to afford the lorries which it now pays for itself.

United for Ukraine in South Yorkshire.

The organisation’s latest fundraising activities include bucket collections at Sheffield United on Friday before the match, a psychic night with a three course meal at the Holiday Inn in Barnsley and smaller fundraising efforts too.

The organisation has a list of supplies it needs to be donated, with non-perishable foods a current priority. However, the list of supplies is constantly changing based on demand, so United for Ukraine encourages people to follow its Facebook Page in order to keep up to date.

Currently, the list of supplies United for Ukraine requires are: all types of non-perishable, flour and yeast, any medical equipment, any medicines, children’s stationary, baby items, any hospital equipment, all toiletries, laundry detergents, all sanitary/incontinence products, children’s made up shoe boxes, all dental products, sleeping bags, any front line equipment - binoculars, thermal imaging equipment, night vision, torches, batteries, head worn lighting, small generators.

For updates and information about drop off points in and around Sheffield, follow United for Ukraine’s Facebook Page.

United for Ukraine in South Yorkshire.