Sheffield school holidays 2022: When is Easter this year, why is it so late and when do schools break up?

If you’re already missing the Christmas holidays and two weeks of over-indulging, then you may be dreaming of the next big holiday – Easter.

Tuesday, 18th January 2022, 12:48 pm

The Christian holiday traditionally marks both the death and resurrection of Jesus, with two bank holidays and a long weekend of festivities.

It is also the season of the Easter Bunny, more chocolate than you can shake a stick at and Easter egg hunts galore.

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Sheffield school holidays 2022: what are the term dates for Sheffield this year ...

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This is when Easter falls in 2022 - and when schools in Sheffield will break up for the Easter holidays. Photo by Mark Trowbridge/Getty Images.

Children get two weeks off school around Easter, and those who don’t have to work bank holidays get an extra two days off.

But the strange thing about the holiday is that its date changes every year, and although it is always either in March or April, the exact date is never the same – except it always falls on a weekend.

So when does it fall this year and when do children break up from school?

This is everything you need to know.

When is Easter 2022?

This year, Easter Sunday will fall on April 17.

Good Friday will take place on April 15, with Easter Monday on April 18.

These two dates are both bank holidays in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Why does Easter fall so late this year?

The date of Easter Sunday changes every year due to the date being determined by the Jewish calendar.

This calendar is based on lunar cycles, with a lunar year containing around 354 days, unlike a solar year which is 365 days.

Easter Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday after the Paschal full moon, which is the first full moon that happens after the spring equinox.

The date of Easter changes due to the Paschal full moon falling on various days in different time zones.

When are the Easter holidays for schools in Sheffield?

During consultation on the 2017-18 term dates, Sheffield City Council says it received a “very strong response in favour of fixing the Easter break”.

As a result, it now uses a single model that fixes the break at the beginning of April, as it has done since 2019.

The date for Easter changes every year, meaning sometimes it may fall outside of the school holiday break.

In 2022, Good Friday will fall on April 15, with Easter Sunday on April 17 and Easter Monday on April 18.

In Sheffield, schools will still break up for Easter on Friday, April 1.

They will be closed for two weeks, with Easter falling at the very end of the holidays. The Monday will be a bank holiday and then students will be back in school on Tuesday, April 19.

They will be back at school until Friday, May 27 when they break up for a further week for half term.

After returning to school on Monday, June 6, students will be in class for six weeks before they break up for the summer holidays on July 22, which is a Friday.

They go back to school on Thursday, September 1, to mark the start of the autumn term for the 2022/2023 school year.