"This is the great debate in our house" - Readers discuss what the day's three main meals should be called

Depending on where you come from or even how you were raised, you will have an opinion on what you prefer to call the three main meals of the day. Is it ‘breakfast, dinner, tea’ or ‘breakfast, lunch, dinner’?

Monday, 11th April 2022, 12:16 pm

We asked our readers what they thought and here are a selection of their responses on the topic:

David John Letton kept it simple, with an aside for non-Northerners, “Breakfast Dinner tea. The other way is for southerners.”

Debbie Blakemore replied saying, “I’m a combination of these; Breakfast, lunch,Tea.”

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The first (semi) controversial post came from Angie Nadin, who responded with “Breakfast, lunch, dinner.” Paul Ibbotson commented, saying that Angie is “Posh.”

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Shortly after that riposte, Kay Benjamin followed up with, “If you’re Sheffield born and bred it’s breakfast, dinner, tea. Anything else you’re just trying to be posh.”

Sue West responded to Kay, “love this how u said it. But it’s breakfast. Dinner. Tea.”

A number of other people followed this naming convention, indicating a clear view on what each of the three main meals should be referred to as. In fact the majority stuck by the traditionally Yorkshire variant of naming meals.

“We're different from everybody else because We Are Yorkshire and they're not - and that means we're right and they're wrong.”

Gus Howell wrote, “When I was younger it was Breakfast, Dinner, and Tea. But, now I’m happy just to be able to put food on the table to worry about what it’s called.”

And, Phoebe Mornington said that it is, “Breakfast, lunch, tea - dinner is when you go out for a meal!”

Paula Kynaston mixed it up a little with, “Breakfast, Lunch, Tea. Only call it dinner if its a Sunday or Christmas.”

Heather Mc added the caveat that it is “Controversial, but breakfast, lunch and tea.” Very controversial… riots shall ensue.

Hayley Ross added “Lol this is the great debate in our house. My husband say breakfast, dinner & tea I say breakfast, lunch & tea/dinner.” In this instance, and perhaps only this time, your husband is correct… sorry.

Rachael Knott gave her view, “Breakfast, brunch, dinner, snack, tea, supper are the meals of the day for me.” Brunch is also elevenses as well, right? That’s a question for the Lord of the Rings fans out there.

Nik Seth said, “I grew up here and it still confuses me how we're different to everyone else. I have to think about where the person is from when I speak with them about meals! But Jean Mills is right about the meals. Someone at the Star isn't local...”

Eugene Solomon responded to Nik, saying that, “We're different from everybody else because We Are Yorkshire and they're not - and that means we're right and they're wrong.”

Dawn Louise Willers added, “I’m from Sheffield, but to me growing up tea is a drink.” Wouldn’t it be more apt to be either a ‘cuppa’ or a ‘brew’?

Another curious one came from Lisa Ahmad who wrote, “Breakfast lunch and dinner. Born and raised in the South East.” Yes Lisa, we can tell. But it is Breakfast, Dinner, Tea… those are the rules.

“Breakfast, Dinner, Tea, always has been, always will be to me. Sheffield born and bred.”

For some people, mainly parents, there are more than three meal times in each day. As some were at pains to point out.

Nat Reaney says, “I've got kids so it's breakfast, breakfast 2, snack, snack, dinner, snack, snack, tea (which nobody eats), snack, bedtime, complain they are hungry.”

Amy Shephard added that, “My kids genuinely think it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, supper.”

And Jo Bunting said that it is called, “breakfast, brunch, lunch, trunch, dinner, tupper, supper.” To which Amy Shepherd responded with “ssshhh you, it’s already like an all day Buffett at our house xx”

Darren Briggs takes this whole thing very seriously, he even added times when he outlined the order:

“Breakfast 8

Dinner 12

Tea 4:30

Supper 8

Been like that in our house since I was a little lad.”

One of the most (if not the most) popular responses came courtesy of Pauline Oneill, who noted that it’s, “Breakfast, Dinner, Tea, always has been, always will be to me. Sheffield born and bred.”

In closing, it’s clear that the people have spoken. From this day forward (and all of the days before), each of the three main meals shall henceforth be known as; Breakfast, Dinner, Tea. You can call it whatever you like though, but you will be wrong if it is not the aforementioned.