“We've got to live with this now” – Readers discuss whether Boris Johnson should issue new Covid-19 guidance

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Earlier this week, it was revealed that a new variant of the Covid-19 virus had emerged XE. Following the Office for National Statistics (ONS) stating that 4.9 million people in the UK were infected as of last weekend – a record high during the pandemic.

We asked our readers whether they thought that the Prime Minister Boris Johnson should be taking the record wave of Covid-19 infections seriously and consider giving new guidance.

Here are a selection of our readers thoughts on the matter:

Jill Cooper had this to say, much to the amusement of some, “As if anybody's going to listen to him and his mates telling you how to live. I choose to wear my mask mostly to avoid inhaling their offensive body odour and bad breath. After 2 fabulous years of minger free malodorous public transport and being free of the gift that only halitosis breath in close contact can give, I'm reluctant to take my mask off. Each to their own, we're all grown ups and all that.”

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson, pictured here with his chief of staff, Stephen Barclay, is due to address the nation about Russia's invasion of Ukraine (pic: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire)Prime Minister Boris Johnson, pictured here with his chief of staff, Stephen Barclay, is due to address the nation about Russia's invasion of Ukraine (pic: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire)
Prime Minister Boris Johnson, pictured here with his chief of staff, Stephen Barclay, is due to address the nation about Russia's invasion of Ukraine (pic: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire)

Paul Bullivant added his take, “Stick to yer guns Boris with this. You might have got certain things wrong but this is what we have to live with, just like flu and other illnesses, and we have to move on can't keep looking back.”

Sharon Rowland is of the belief that, “We've got to live with this now. Let's be sensible and get on with our lives. Cancer kills. Heart attacks kill. Strokes kill. Alzheimer's (sic) kills. Lots of illnesses kill. We got to start carrying on with it and add it to the list of diseases and illnesses. Sorry if I upset anyone but...” Sharon’s view struck a chord with a number of our readers, who supported her view of things.

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One who has clearly had enough is Anita Marshall, who had this to say, “No let's just get on with it like flu and colds every yr this same in my opinion.”

Whereas Shaun Fishwick says that it is, “Time to live with it, otherwise we will still be doing restrictions/lockdowns in 10 years time. Do what needs to be done to protect the elderly and vulnerable, let the rest get on with our lives.”

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Hudson David replied saying, “No, it time we lived with covid, as we have to live with every other disease.”

Matthew Parker was as dismissive of the PM as Boris Johnson has been of this new wave, “He hasn't taken any of the previous waves seriously, why should this one be any different?”.

And Paul Metcalf was very brusque with his view, “He should resign immediately.”

Chris Gray was annoyed by the question, “wtf is wrong with the media!! Why do you keep stoking the fire with this bull crap”, it's called a discussion, Chris. Nothing wrong in asking, is there?

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Rachel Earnshaw, probably threw her arms aloft before responding, “Oh for god’s sake there’s always gonna be a new variant, just get on with your lives if you a ill stay at home if not carry on as usual. We’ve all existed and survived for 2 years but now it’s time to get on with our lives and live. No more restrictions or rules get on with it now.” A lot of people agreed with Rachel’s take, and you can’t argue that she doesn’t have a point.

Meanwhile, Anita Beecroft said “No, we are going to have to live with, people can take their own precautions by washing their hands regularly and keeping their distance from others.” Hands, face, space… it should be the rule in general to be honest.

Kev Blackburn added that, “All these scientists and professionals that know more about it on their keyboards is brilliant.”

And, Eric Pagdin said that, “We need a lockdown, I could go fishing.”

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But not everyone was happy with the PMs approach or attitude towards the pandemic.

Someone who would like to see more action from the PM is Garry Frank Greensmith, who responded with a firm, “Yes, he’s throwing people like me with a chronic lung condition under the bus and no one seems to be wearing face coverings or keeping their distance from me.” Garry’s personal take on the response (or lack of), struck a chord with many who agreed with him.

Elizabeth Gethin would like to see some action from the PM, “Yes, should be taking it seriously. He won't do anything at all though.”

Marie Newell was very keen to look at this from all angles with consideration to all, “As a healthcare worker I worked all the way through the pandemic at a hospital I didn't have any time off and up to now I'm very lucky that I haven't caught it though I'm by no means crowing about it. There are no easy answers to this one.”

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Finally, Steve Platts had this to say, “No. And especially not when Boris himself proved there was nothing to be worried about, by cramming himself into multiple parties with the rest of his mates, whilst everyone else was in lockdown. Oh… and Kate Josephs.”

There were many people who thought that the Prime Minister should be issuing at least some guidance and taking action, however it was clear that the majority were just wanting to carry on with things now. Many people have had enough of the pandemic, unfortunately being sick of something does not stop the spread of a virus that affects some of us considerably more than others.