South Yorkshire named as hotspot for animal cruelty

After being named one of the top 10 animal cruelty hotspots by the RSPCA, an animal shelter is calling for more to be done to eradicate the problem in South Yorkshire.

Tuesday, 14th September 2021, 6:37 am

Rotherham-based Rain Rescue said sixth-placed South Yorkshire has been in the top 10 for the past five years, together with neighbouring West Yorkshire, which is ranked in fourth place.

But when the figures are totalled together, the shelter says both have the “appalling honour” of being the second worst spot in the country, only second to Greater London.

In the RSCPA’s 2020 annual report, which was released in July, South Yorkshire reported 337 ‘intentional harm’ incidents to animals with a total of 3,055 incidents reported from 2016.

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One of the animals that were rescued by the animal shelter, Yogi.

Meanwhile, Greater London is where the RSPCA investigates the most cases of deliberate cruelty to animals with 996 incidents in one year alone – followed by Greater Manchester with 549 and the West Midlands with 512.

West Yorkshire is fourth in the list with 495 incidents, followed by Kent at fifth with 360 incidents. South Yorkshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, Essex and Hampshire make up the remaining places in the list of 10 hotspots.

Rain Rescue said that there can be no excuse for this cruelty in this day and age.

Rain Rescue said their work will not done until no animals are harmed.

It said: “A phone call from a caring and interested neighbour, friend or relative could save a dog, cat or other animal from a life of pain, torture and abuse; a phone call could prevent a dog, cat or other animal’s horrific death; a phone call could ensure safety and a loving home for some abused dog, cat or other animal.

“The wonderfully caring staff and voluntary workers at Rain Rescue see the result of man’s inhumanity to man’s best friend day in day out and they are appalled by what they see but we, at Rain Rescue work ceaselessly with other rescue centres; vets; animal wardens, even social services to raise awareness of what is happening out there to defenceless animals.

“To hopefully educate people that animals hurt too; that they feel pain and that they deserve better from mankind.

“But we all have a part to play in ensuring that no animal has to suffer the cruelties inflicted on many of them by cruel people who deserve to be brought to justice but to also ensure that where cruelty, abuse or neglect is being inflicted that someone in authority or a rescue centre – like Rain Rescue - is notified so that the animal concerned can be brought to safety.”

Yogi is now very happily rehomed.

The animal shelter, which is close to celebrating its 20th anniversary since it was first founded, said it is proud of its work on the frontline, but will not stop until no animals are harmed.

It added: “Rain Rescue’s work will be done when there are no dogs, cats or other animals being cruelly treated or starving or without loving homes. Please residents of South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire do your part to let us end the necessity for places like Rain Rescue.”