Sheffield strike rally: Photos show hundreds gathered for enormous rally as unions stand together

Sheffield city centre saw hundreds of striking union members from a range of sectors band together in a rally this week and march to the City Hall as the cost of living crisis worsens.

Teachers, lecturers, firefighters and more all gathered on Devonshire Green for an enormous rally, before marching down to the bottom of The Moor and then making their way up to Sheffield City Hall. The rally featured a range of unions including the NEU, PCS, UCU, Unite and Unison all attending, as well as the Sheffield branches of the Labour, Green and Socialist parties. There were also a number of student groups marching alongside the unions.

As people gathered, speeches were made and music was played before the march began down Fitzwilliam Street, across Charter Row and Moore Street and along Fitzwilliam Gate. The march then turned up The Moor, went past Sheffield Town Hall, before turning up Barker’s Pool towards City Hall, where another rally was held.

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You can also watch the video above to hear from union members on why they’re striking and why it’s important they strike together.