Sheffield mum warns kids could have been celebrating Christmas without her after fall on icy pavement

A mum was left severely concussed and says she could have been much more seriously injured after falling on an icy Sheffield pavement.

Friday, 6th December 2019, 3:51 pm

She has thanked the heroes who came to her aid after the accident on Handsworth Grange Road, in Handsworth, whose actions she claims prevented her children spending Christmas without their mum.

Annette Sterland-Burton also says she was told the coat she was wearing when she slipped on Monday, December 2, probably saved her life.

Posting on Facebook yesterday, Wednesday, December 4, she wrote: “Just wanted to say thank you the people that helped me on Monday after slipping on the icy pavement and whoever called the ambulance. Without your actions the hospital said my children would be having a total different Christmas without their mum.

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Handsworth Grange Road in Handsworth, Sheffield (pic: Google)

“I’m now home recovering, with severe concussion. I have a memory loss and a foggy head. They said the coat I was wearing save my life. This afternoon Sheffield City Council have been informed of the accident and they had promised to do something about the pavements.”

She added that the accident happened between Handsworth Grange Community Sports College and Ballifield Primary School, and said she had received no response from the council, which she claimed ‘was more worried about my claiming compensation’.

She said she was told by a doctor that she was in a ‘bad way’ after the fall, which left her unconscious, not responding and with her left pupil blown.

Many people responded to wish her a speedy recovery, with some pointing out that grit bins were sorely needed on that stretch of road.

Michelle Wilson said: “We have been asking for years for three or four grit bins between HGCSC and Ballifield school, and SCC said they could not afford them...

“Last year was the same. So many kids and parents slipped from both schools. We asked for grit bins but there is never no budget. I really hope your letter works.”

With sub-zero temperatures forecast to hit Sheffield next week, bringing ice and snow, people will need to take care on the city’s streets.

Philip Beecroft, head of highway maintenance at Sheffield Council said: “We are very sorry to hear about Ms Sterland-Burton’s fall and wish her all the best in her recovery.

“As part of the Streets Ahead programme, the council grits 60% of the city’s road network in priority order, which is a higher percentage of roads than any other council in the UK. When freezing conditions are predicted, gritting of our priority routes ensures that arterial roads and access for emergency services and vital public facilities, such as hospitals and GP surgeries, receive treatment first and foremost. Handsworth Grange Road is included in our Priority 2 gritting route.

“We do not routinely grit pavements. However, there are over 2000 public grit bins in the city which we encourage residents to make full use of during wintry conditions. Following each winter period, we review the services provided and consider any requests for new or re-located grit bins as part of this process, to ensure optimum benefit for the public.

“During icy periods we advise people to take extra care, check on those most vulnerable and allow extra time for journeys should they need to travel.”