Sheffield medical student reveals how she tricked contestants on BBC’s I Can See Your Voice

A Sheffield medical student who won £10,000 on I Can See Your Voice has revealed the hours of training which helped her scoop the cash.

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 11:38 am

Devon Chapman duped contestants on the hit BBC One show into believing she was a professional singer despite being tone deaf, as viewers eventually discovered during a hilarious duet with Ronan Keating.

While she may not be able to hold a note, the 23-year-old, who is in her fourth year studying medicine at the University of Sheffield told how she had put a huge amount of work into making her lip-syncing performance as convincing as possible and ensuring her fake story held up to scrutiny.

"They gave me a singing coach and we had a few sessions where she taught me how to lip-sync, which included knowing how to move my mouth like a real singer, the right moments to take a deep breath, how close to hold my microphone and even what to do with my free hand,” she said.

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Devon Chapman on I Can See Your Voice, and in her scrubs (pics: Devon Chapman/BBC/Thames/Tom Dymond)

"I got a choreographer too and there were people who helped me learn my story for the Q&A, so there was lots going on.

"I was doing at least half an hour’s practice a day for maybe a month, and I was doing exams at the time too, but thankfully it paid off.”

Devon appeared on the show as ‘Junior Doctor’, a title which is slightly misleading as she has yet to graduate, but she hopes to become a doctor in paediatric oncology and would love to work at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, where she has done placements as part of her degree.

Devon Chapman says she would love to one day work at Sheffield Children's Hospital

Many viewers commented to say they were glad the money had gone to someone studying to be a doctor, and she thanked people for their kind words.

“Everyone could use 10 grand but it will definitely help me,” said Devon, who hails from Burnley.

"I’ve wanted to go into paediatric oncology since I was maybe 14 and watched a documentary about Great Ormond Street Hospital, which was filmed on the oncology ward. I just thought it was such an amazing job to help children with cancer get better and live full lives….

'Junior Doctor' Devon Chapman takes to the stage with Ronan Keating on BBC show I Can See Your Voice (pic: BBC/Thames/Tom Dymond)

"I love working with children because they’re always so positive and lovely, and the science is really interesting.”

Devon described how she and her housemates had to watch the show three times when it aired on Saturday evening as they couldn’t stop screaming the first two times.

She told how filming for the show had been ‘surreal’ but thoroughly enjoyable, especially getting to perform Life Is A Rollercoaster with the former Boyzone star.

“It’s such a feel-good song and one we often put on before a night out and enjoy belting out,” she said.

"To be performing it on stage with the actual singer was amazing. The atmosphere was really good, everyone was cheering me on and I felt like it was my concert.

"Ronan said he really enjoyed performing with me and he thought I was really fun and liked my confidence.”

If you’re lucky – or should that be unlucky – you may even get to see Devon doing karaoke at a bar near you, as she said the experience had done nothing to dampen her love of singing – much to her housemates’ disappointment.