Sheffield man from Darnall issues emotional plea for safe return of dog believed to be stolen from his garden

A Sheffield man has offered a ‘substantial’ reward for the safe return of his beloved dog, which he suspected was stolen from his home last month.

Monday, 17th January 2022, 4:27 pm

Foyzul Miah of Darnall said his five-month-old XL Bully dog named Sniper went missing from the back garden on December 12 at approximately 6.30am, sparking a month-long hunt across Sheffield and beyond.

The 21-year-old stated that Sniper could not have escaped on its own, and CCTV footage he obtained from the area has shown the dog being taken away by unidentified individuals.

Foyzul, who has had Sniper since the puppy was eight weeks old, has been having 'sleepless nights and early mornings' trying to figure out where his dog may have gone.

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Foyzul believes Sniper was stolen from his back garden on December 12.

He said Sniper was due to visit the vet after he had hurt his leg, but now he couldn't do so.

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‘Please bring Sniper home’

In an emotional Facebook post, he wrote: "My mind is going back and forth thinking about if he has eaten right and what he is doing. Fearing for Sniper's health not knowing how he is and missing him like mad.

Foyzul said Sniper could not have escaped on its own, and CCTV footage he obtained from the area has shown the dog being stolen.

"I really do just want my boy back, the house feels empty without him as well as me. I really do hope he is okay and his leg has been treated.

"Money is not the issue, I'd just like to have my boy back home where he stands confident knowing he has a loving and caring family behind him.

"Just thinking about him brings tears to my eyes, I never knew anyone would snatch away my best friend.

"You should be able to turn your back and not be worried that someone will take your dog, this isn't right and isn't fair, this event has affected Sniper's family so much and won't ever be the same nor forgotten.

"I'm not going to stop till I get him back and won't listen to the comment's saying "it's only a dog just buy another", Sniper will never be replaced and is part of me.

"I'm up at hours of the night waiting for calls just in hope that one call helps me get my boy back, so we can finally be reunited and see Sniper's smile grow back on his adorable face.

"Sniper isn't any ordinary dog and is a very rare dog. If you do see him you will know or even if you think it's him, please get photos and a location of where you think the person is keeping him, but if you can get Sniper, please bring him home."

Police launches investigation

Foyzul also said that the the police should need to do more to help find his pet.

"I’ve got CCTV footage but I need the police to go to the other two houses in the area

"If the police can go to the houses and get the footage of the car that came in and took the dog, we’d be able to find him,” he said.

South Yorkshire Police, when contacted, confirmed receiving a report about a stolen dog in the area.

A police spokesperson said: "The investigation has been filed pending further enquiries.

"Officers have explored all viable lines of enquiry and are now encouraging anyone with information to come forward and report to us."

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